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W Responds to Nicola Formichetti, Plus a Closer Look at How His Facebook Really Reflects His Feelings About Fat People

In case you missed it, here is a recap of this week's Nicola Formichetti vs. fat people vs. W situation: W published a piece in the August music issue about Lady Gaga stylist and Mugler creative director Nicola Formichetti in which he discusses, among other things, his styling career. At one point in the article, Formichetti recalls an instance where he was hired to style a band. He is quoted as saying: "I was only used to dressing models and skinny kids and I turned up and it was, like, three fat guys. I just left. That was the last time I tried to work with fat people. I think one of them was Ali G's brother. It was so ghetto." Yesterday, after the quote inevitably inspired some negative press on the blogosphere, Nicola took to Facebook to defend himself by posting a picture of a shoot he styled for V's size issue with the comment “i know i should just leave it but…i really hate when writers just write whatever they want… ‘i dont work with fat people…’ why would someone say such a thing?!” So was Nicola misquoted? Here is the statement we just received from W's PR rep:

In case you missed it, here is a recap of this week's

Even if Nicola didn't mean for his comments to be offensive, they were undeniably insensitive and incongruous with he and Gaga's supposed dedication to acceptance and embracing diversity. Though, the two of them also have a tendency to be outspoken and politically incorrect. As he points out on Facebook, he will of course continue to work with plus-size subjects, especially when they are famous like Beth Ditto (who he says he's working with on a shoot for VMan) and it's for a fancy magazine and he's getting paid lots of money. Just sayin.'

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