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Wondering What Freja and Arizona Say to Each Other in Their Most Intimate Moments? Check Out This Tumblr

It's been all but confirmed by the models themselves that Freja Beha Erichsen and Arizona Muse, perhaps two of the most relevant and prolific models of the moment, are a couple. Yep, it's insane. Two super hot models are getting it on and people are excited about it. Maybe even a little too excited.. This news recently inspired someone to create this Tumblr, on which he or she posts photographs of the models accompanied by a fictional account of what each of them is saying or sometimes even what they are thinking. For example, in one post, the author presents an account of Arizona getting off the phone with Anna Wintour after finding out she lost the August Vogue cover to Sarah Jessica Parker. Freja is not happy about this. In another post, Freja serenades Arizona with the Mandy Moore song "Candy." Also, much of the dialogue is a little R-rated, which isn't surprising given the name of the blog: "FREJA AND ARIZONA ARE F***ING."
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It's been all but confirmed by the models themselves that

We think most of it is hilarious, but there are a few things that could probably be seen as offensive. The author of the blog put up this disclaimer:

this page contains photographs that we do not own. all of the pictures on this page belong to someone that is not us. this page contains FICTITIOUS accounts of the romance between two FICTIONAL characters named Freja and Arizona and is not intended to represent any persons, living or dead.

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Basically it's funny and slightly dirty Freja/Arizona fan fiction and you can find it here. Enjoy!