11 Fall Ad Campaigns Improved by Cats

Here at Fashionista, we spend a lot of time looking at designers' ad campaigns, especially within the last few weeks as the fall ads drop. We've even dedicated four slideshows to ranking them. After seeing the same ads in September issue after September issue, you can't blame us for wanting to find a new way to look at them. Inspired by a recent post on OC Weekly, we realized we could actually improve the fall ads using photoshop and pictures of something else we spend a lot of time looking at: cats. So, without further ado, here are 11 fall ad campaigns improved by some adorable cats.

Here at Fashionista, we spend a lot of time looking at designers'

Hailee Steinfeld for Mew Mew

So that big cat and Raquel Zimmermann are like the McQueen goddesses and that other cat is cowering in their power and that other cat is just like, hey, I'm just chilling, what?

If you thought Elle Fanning's Marc by Marc Jacobs ads couldn't get any more adorable, think again. The cat's out of the bag.

Helena Bonham Carter may have been channelling a dog in her Marc Jacobs ads, but she looks a lot less lonely with these cats around.

It's a dance party with Raquel Zimmerman, Karen Elson and some cats. Some of the cats got tired after a while, but not that one on the left! He is WERKING. IT. OUT.

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Naomi Campbell's about to get into a Givenchy cat fight with that angry dude on the bottom right, so she's all 'Hold me back Mr. Kidden!'

I can has Coach bag? So. Much. Better.

Well, now we know what was inspiring Freja and Carine in that photo booth.

Calvin Klein and Lara Stone are so much less severe when they are surrounded by CATZ.

Every angel needs a halo made of kitties.

Cat naps and Prada for all!