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Check Out the First Stills (and Awesome Costumes) From the Madonna-Directed W.E.

The first stills from Madonna's directorial debut W.E. are out, courtesy of Grazia, and they are beautiful. W.E. stars Abbie Cornish as a woman in 1998 who is infatuated with the 1930s marriage of King Edward VIII (played by James D’Arcy) and his relationship with Wallis Simpson (played by Andrea Riseborough). The film will reportedly switch back and forth from the '30s to present day, highlighting parallels between King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson's romance and a modern one.
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The first stills from

Judging by these stills, we already want to see it based on aesthetics and costumes alone. The costume designer, Arianne Phillips, who happens to be Madonna's personal stylist, also did the costumes for Walk the Line and

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We are particularly obsessed with Simpson's ring and sunglasses in the above photo as well as her gorgeous headpiece and earrings below. It's all in the details.