Check Out these Gorgeous Never-Before-Seen Photos of Grace Coddington by Ex-Husband Willie Christie

Behold the beauty and grace (sorry, we had to) that is Grace Coddington (here in her 30s). Captured by her ex-husband and renowned photographer Willie Christie, this never-before-seen photo of Coddington is a testament to the Vogue editor's timeless (and unmistakable) allure. Christie, who was married to Coddington from 1974-78, snapped this image long after Coddington's modeling career had ended and she was well underway as the creative force behind Vogue. Obviously, the woman can still clearly work it in front of the camera. "For me she was still photographic heaven," Christie told Vogue UK. "She was so brilliant as a model because she had an appreciation and understanding of art in all its forms; mimicry; gentleness and serenity. She understood everything that the clothes were trying to do." The image, which Christie told the magazine had been "lying in drawers for the preceding 35-odd years" will be on view for the first time at The Ivy Club in London from September 16-19. And Grace isn't the only famous face in the collection: