Cool Brit Nail Polish Brand Nails Inc. Is Now Available Stateside

Are you an Anglophilic nail polish lover? If so, this is going to be a really good week for you. Nails Inc., the nail polish brand known for its trendy colors and fun crystallized caps, is finally launching full-on here in the US. In the past, small special edition sets and collections were available at Henri Bendel, but that’s about it. Thea Green, the founder of Nails Inc., is a former fashion editor at Tatler and started a nail salon chain after being inspired by the concept of the quickie manicure on her frequent trips to the US. At the time, manicures were a luxury item in her country, and UK salons didn’t offer quick versions. Her concept took off, with women flocking in for 15-minute manis. The nail polish line soon followed, then came the English designers looking for bespoke colors for their catwalks. Instant caché.