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Cosmoprof Report: Everything You Need to Know About What's Happening in Nails Now

While I have to admit I have a little bit of nail art fatigue and am looking forward to some of the gorgeous nude polishes that are launching this fall, my interest was definitely peaked again at Cosmoprof. Nails are still a huge focal point for the industry, and there are new brands, new trends, and new innovations. While some struck me as gimmicky, some are definitely going to turn into modern classics. Click through to check out my trend report and learn a bit about some new things in the world of nails that are launching soon.

While I have to admit I have a little bit of

Scented Nail Polish: This trend has been quietly gaining steam, and many brands are offering their takes, with varying results. We already reported on Mattése Elite’s nail polish that

Faring better is a brand called Q-Tickles, which are not polishes, but scented cuticle oils. Argan oil is infused with other botanical oils and real flowers and the bottles are just pretty to look at. They smell natural and spa-like.

New Gel Nail Technology, Plus the First Home Versions: Orly just launched their new salon gel, called Orly GelFx. The industry is moving away from UV light for “curing” the polish, which takes about two minutes per coat. LED technology, while more expensive, only takes about 30 seconds. So Orly’s gel is cured with LED and it’s the first-ever gel polish to be infused with vitamins. The 32 shades are perfectly matched to their regular line of polishes so that you can fill in areas of growth. Most important to me? The polish looks natural.

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I’ve never had a gel manicure because I hate how they look; the nails always look really thick, fake and plastic-y. Not so with the new Orly. Every coat dried in a thin layer and the end result looks as natural as a classic manicure. I’m on day four, so can’t speak to the overall longevity yet, but no chips so far.


Magnetic: We already

New Nail Polish: There are an overwhelming number of nail polish brands, some shadier than others (nail polish pun!) I checked out

Nail Wraps: Those nail art stickers are going nowhere, and indeed, brands are doing everything possible to come out with original designs and the blingiest patterns they can think of. I witnessed a rep from Dashing Diva's DesignFX line (nail wraps for salons) constantly chase away competitors who were trying to take pictures of the not-yet-released line (think fishnet covered with multi-colored rhinestones). Rumor has it that Katy Perry's Smurf manicure came from the line, so that gives you an idea of the taste level. I saw countless other lines of nail art stickers, so if you like your nails loud and sparkly, you have nothing to worry about--retailers and salons will have you covered.