Documenting a Love Affair: Tyra Banks and her Best Jumpsuits

Last night Tyra walked the red carpet at VH1's Do Something Awards wearing, wait for it…a jumpsuit. Bet you didn't see that coming, right? Actually, as it happens, Ty Ty's got a thing for jumpsuits. And by thing, we mean full on obsession. We don't know if it's figure flattery, sartorial preference or that she really digs having to go through an obstacle course to pee, but whatever it is Tyra cannot seem to get enough of her one-pieces. (See also: Tyra and ALT's hilarious Fa Fa Fa Fashion video ode to jumpsuits and the Fug Girls' 12 Fugsuits of Banksmas.)Also, as it happens, Tyra has a book coming out. Naturally, we put the two together and voila, a look back and Tyra's best jumpsuits, accompanied by some of our favorite Modelland quotes. Enjoy.

Last night

"Dance in your spirit, but not with your body"

"There was one rule and one rule only: a girl must be walking in order to be chosen."

"If I have to beat the last pas de bourrée out of you, I will!"

"She was dying to say, Really? Me? Have you lost your mind? But instead a cross between a yelp, a sneeze, and a burp came out."

Recommended Articles

"People stepped back from a nearby lamppost that had started to vibrate, staring at it with a mix of wonder and terror. The lamppost began to lengthen, like a long telescoping pole. Snap! It broke apart and reassembled as a slender, mysterious looking woman in a black metallic jumpsuit. Her head glowed as if it contained a lightbulb."

"She even makes trash look beautiful."

"And then a nearly naked woman emerged from the center of the tear and rose into the sky. She had long limbs and golden skin and wore shiny necklaces strategically placed over her chest and lower half."

"[T]here was no prearranged runway on which the girls could walk, so everyone created invisible ones wherever they were standing. Violence was not encouraged nor was it condemned, and some girls' parents insisted on adding martial arts training to their walking lessons in preparation for the big day."

You can read the full first chapter on Barnes & Noble and pre-order Modelland here.