Move Over Santa: Lady Gaga Will Take Over an Entire Floor of Barneys For "Gaga's Workshop"

Ever wondered what Lady Gaga's interpretation of Santa's workshop would look like? Well, thanks to Barneys CEO Mark Lee, you're going to find out pretty soon. This Holiday season, Barneys is taking the Holiday window concept several steps further and creating, for the first time ever, an entire themed shopping environment complete with limited edition merchandise and special items--all curated, developed and inspired by Lady Gaga herself. She's such a renaissance woman these days. Gaga's Workshop will take over the entire fifth floor of the Madison Avenue Men's shop--it currently houses men's co-op, but will become vacant in October, when men's co-op is set to merge with women's. Gaga/Mugler creative director Nicola Formichetti and installation artist Eli Sudbrack of Assume Vivid Astro Focus will help Gaga see out her likely-insane vision.

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According to WWD, Gaga and Formichetti worked closely with the retailer to create gift items including candies, toys, apparel, accessories, candles and cosmetics. Some examples: "jewelry made entirely of rock candy; lipsticks in special Gaga red or pink hues; lip-shaped, hand-painted dark chocolate, and a Rubik’s Cube."

The windows will also be dedicated to this theme and illustrations like the ones seen here, created by Subrack, will also be featured on shopping bags and packaging. If you can't make it to Madison Avenue, a selection of the special merchandise will also be available on a Barneys "microsite" and other Barneys stores.

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If you are in New York, Gaga's Workshop will be open for business from mid-November through January 2 and during that time, 25% of proceeds will be donated to a charity of Gaga's choice. The extent of Gaga's involvement in the project is unclear, but she is planning to make an appearance at the Workshop's unveiling and might even perform. Lee told WWD, “She will be so blown away when she sees the final workshop that you never know, she may sing and dance a little in there." Maybe she'll even hold court as Santa--if only her two foot heels can withstand the weight of children on her knee.