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New French Lingerie Line Jours Après Lunes Is for Girls Ages Four Through 12--Cute or Crossing the Line?

Pretty unsettling.
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Here's a new development in the neverending saga that is France’s apparent disregard for age-appropriateness (or our extreme prudishness and over-sensitivity–depending on your persective): a new line of “loungerie” (that’s lingerie plus loungewear) for girls aged three months and up has just been brought to our attention. It’s called Jours Après Lunes, and it bills itself as “the first designer brand dedicated to ‘loungerie’ for children and teenagers, comprised of loungewear and lingerie to be worn over and under, inside and outside.”

It basically looks like lingerie–with maybe a tad more coverage–and would be totally okay for adults to wear but Jours Après Lunes is producing this stuff for girls ages 4-12 (the “loungerie” for the 3 month – 36 month age range is actually age-appropriate and cute, thankfully), so that mother and daughter can match. According to the site, the designer has a long background in designing lingerie (for grown ups) and she’s designed a “femme” collection for the over-tween set.

What’s disturbing about Jours Après Lunes is not just the fact that it’s lingerie for people who probably shouldn’t be old enough to even know what lingerie is, but the photographs on their website. The little “filles” are styled like grown women with Amy Winehouse hair, sunglasses and pearls and there are a few instances of Thylane Blondeau-esque seductive gazing and reclining poses.

We now know what Thylane Blondeau’s mother was talking about when she said her daughter’s French Vogue spread wasn’t that bad–at least Thylane was fully clothed!

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Despite being more age-appropriate, even the photographs for the "femme" collection are unsettling. The way the young-looking model is posed with that sunglasses-wearing teddy bear--she's made to look like a child, while the actual children are made to look like adults.

What do you think? Should four-year-olds be hanging out in bras and panties...with nothing over them...with pearls? Is there any context in which that makes sense?

Take a look at the collection.