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Not Just For Kids: Our Guide to Shopping the Children's Sections

Have you ever seen an adorable kids clothing item and thought, "I wish that came in my size?" This happens to me quite often, maybe because I tend to want to dress like a little girl. Regardless, it's recently been brought to my attention that a kid's size 14 at Crewcuts is about equal to a 0/2 in adult sizing, which is great news, mainly because kids stuff costs less than big girl clothes, but also because they are making some really cute things for kids these days. I may be at the smaller end of the spectrum size-wise (I'm 5'2"), but there are ways for all shapes and sizes to take advantage of the kids' section. There are shoes for the small-footed, accessories, and boys clothes, which run quite a bit larger than girls. You may not be going back to school, but that doesn't mean you can't shop the back to school section right now. So, click through for our favorites from Crewcuts, Brooks Brothers, Stella McCartney Kids and more.
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Have you ever seen an adorable

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Saint James for Crewcuts Tee, $45

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Crewcuts Oxford Shirtdress, $59.50

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Crewcuts Wandering Star Canvas Backpack, $49.50

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Crewcuts Silk Taffeta Petalette Dress, $198

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Crewcuts Cord Caper Dress, $59.50

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Crewcuts Boys Levi's Trucker Jacket, $78

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Crewcuts Two-button Schoolboy Blazer, $158

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Stella McCartney Kids Hooded Jumper, $90

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Stella McCartney Kids Wool-Blend Military Jacket, $180

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Stella McCartney Kids Boys Jacket, $149

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Lands' End School Uniform Girls' Solid A-line Skirt, $34.50

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Lands' End School Uniform Girls' Short Sleeve Ruffle Collar Peter Pan Knit Top, $19.50

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Lands' End School Uniform Girls' Rain Slicker, $59.50

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Brooks Brothers Velvet Trim Shirt Dress, $65

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Brooks Brothers Gingham Dress, $60

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Brooks Brothers Wool Pleat-Front Dress, $125

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Brooks Brothers Cashmere Cardigan, $180

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Brooks Brothers Boys Classic Two-Button Prep Blazer, $228

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Brooks Brothers Penny Loafer, $90

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Kids' Barbour Beaufort Jacket, $249 J. Crew