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People are Still Outraged About 10-Year-Old Model Thylane Blondeau: A Roundup of Reactions

By now you've all seen the controversial photos of 10-year-old-model Thylane Loubry Blondeau in French Vogue. Indeed, since we first raised questions about the young model's age and look last week, the internet has exploded with all sorts of viewpoints, ranging from moderate concern, to vehement outrage to practically incoherent hysterics. Of course, we're all for discussion, and people are entitled to their opinions, which, considering the subject matter, we're not really surprised have risen to passionate heights. But at what point does lambasting a 10-year-old-child for being exploited, actually begin to exploit her all over again? Here, a range of reactions. Where do you fall in the spectrum?

By now you've all seen the controversial photos of 10-year-old-model

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Conde Nast The company that started it all has yet to comment on this Pandora's Box. None of it's many publications have made a peep about this inescapable scandal, but we're curious to see how the publisher will deal with it. Stay tuned.

It's interesting to note how different the controversy has played out in Thylane's home country of France, where, according to our own Paris correspondent the media generally "either brushed it off, or reported on 'the Americans going hysterical.'"