Taylor Swift's Non-Evolution of Style

At left is a picture of Taylor Swift at last night's 2011 Teen Choice Awards. She's beautiful, as always, but isn't her look sorta familiar? We thought so too. The thing is, if you've ever seen Taylor Swift on the red carpet, and we mean ever, last night's outfit is probably conjuring up some major deja vu feelings for you too. We're all for sticking to a fashion formula that works for you, but c'mon Miss Swift has worn a variation of the exact same look for the past three years. Don't believe us? Take a look at the songstress's non-evolution of style.

At left is a picture of Taylor Swift at last night's

You might think this picture was recent. You'd be wrong. Taken in 2008, this may indeed be the genesis of

In another pale number with a 1950s silhouette in 2010.

And another.

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Wow, see how she switched it up here? This one's got an asymmetrical neckline and peephole waist and...yeah, everything else is pretty much the same.

At least she's experimenting with new color here. Maybe this will inspire her to step outside her comfort zone a little more...

Or not.