Thylane Blondeau's Mother Responds to Controversy About Her Daughter, Shuts Down Her Facebook Page and Tumblr

Last week, we told you about Thylane Blondeau, the gorgeous 10-year-old French model who starred in, among other spreads, a mature French Vogue editorial that depicted her suggestive, adult poses. Thylane and this particular editorial have since spurred a media frenzy. Many news outlets and blogs (and their commenters) are outraged--calling it "creepy" and "exploitation" and blaming everyone from the magazine to the fashion industry as a whole to Thylane's parents. Good Morning America even aired a piece yesterday about Thylane and the sexualization of young girls, bringing up, yet again, teen campaign stars Elle Fanning (13) and Hailee Steinfeld (14). Thylane's mother, French TV host and fashion designer Veronika Loubry, who has herself been criticized for allowing her daughter to be photographed in this way, has responded to her detractors both in the French press and on Facebook.

Last week, we told you about

Her Facebook fan page remains, but Fuck Yeah Thylane Blondeau, which, for the most part, lauded rather than criticized the young model, looks to also have been shut down recently. Before it was shut down, the owner of the blog changed its name to "Thylane Blondeau Pictures."

We have reached out to Thylane's agency for comment and will report back when we hear more. For now, we hope Thylane is happy and healthy and being a normal kid.

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