Anna Wintour Was Seen with Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift, Lea Michele and More During Fashion Week; Will One of Them Snag a Vogue Cover?

Anna Wintour has a history of popping up during New York Fashion Week with Vogue's next cover girl. And this past week the Vogue Editor in Chief certainly kept us guessing by holding court with both unlikely, and all-too likely cover subjects. See who Anna was spotted with this week, and why we think each one could be the next cover.

Could it be...Nicki Minaj? Nicki Minaj isn't exactly the first person that comes to mind when thinking of Vogue but it'd certainly be a smart move for the legendary mag, who seems to be trying to shake up their fuddy-duddy sophisticated image a bit. Besides, considering how well their

Could it be...Taylor Swift? Taylor Swift has already graced the cover of a couple of Teen Vogues in the past so we know she's got the Anna stamp of approval. And it would make sense that as the songstress grows up (and continues to collect Grammys, like we collect shoes) she would leave behind the teen scene and graduate to a big-girl Vogue cover.

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Could it be...Lea Michele? Sorry Glee fans, we're just not as excited about this possibility though we think it's the most likely. The starlet who goes to Wang with Vogue generally ends up on a cover. And don't forget that Anna's daughter Bee Shaffer works for Glee producer Ryan Murphy's company, and the whole cast of Glee starred in those sorta annoying

Could it be...Dwyane Wade or Pharrell Williams? Okay, we're sort of kidding with these two. Still Anna Wintour was spotted getting chummy with Dwyane at Rag & Bone, pictured, while we spotted Pharrell and Miss. Wintour having a chat at Proenza Schouler. Anything's possible, right?