Designer Uniforms: 10 Designers Who Always Wear the Same Thing

Some things never go out of style.
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From left to right: Carolina Herrera, Vera Wang and Marc Jacobs

From left to right: Carolina Herrera, Vera Wang and Marc Jacobs

One of the most interesting things about fashion designers is that their personal style often has no connection whatsoever to the clothes they design. The clothes they send down a runway each season may cover a wide range of styles, but when designers come out for their requisite wave and/or bow at the end, they're often wearing the same thing they wore the season before. Perhaps all of their creative energy is wrapped up in their work, so there's nothing left to come up with a different outfit for themselves each day. Or, like the Mulleavys, maybe they've become detached from their work. Whatever it is, there is a trend among designers of picking a certain look and sticking to it.

Here are 10 who have done it to an extreme -- some for a few months and some for entire decades. And remember Tina Fey's advice: “A wise friend once told me, 'Don’t wear what fashion designers tell you to wear. Wear what they wear.’ His point being that most designers, no matter what they throw onto the runway, favor simple, flattering pieces for themselves." It's true! See below for evidence.

Karl Lagerfeld

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Michael Kors

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Tom Ford

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Marc Jacobs

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Alexander Wang

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Carolina Herrera

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Thom Browne

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Jean Paul Gaultier

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Alber Elbaz

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Vera Wang

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