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Fashion Is Fast--Here's How We Keep Up

Fashion never stops, and as bloggers, we just try to keep up with it. Luckily, the internet and the technology that lets us access it 24/7 means we
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Fashion never stops, and as bloggers, we just try to keep up with it. Luckily, the internet and the technology that lets us access it 24/7 means we don't miss a thing (as long as we don't sleep).

A sample day: I wake to the buzz of my smart phone and the morning reel of e-mails full of press releases, newsletters and the days headlines. My morning coffee is always sipped over my MacBook, where I see what's happened on Twitter since I went to sleep, while I half-watch the morning news on NY1 (and sometimes the TODAY show).

It's a never-ending troll for news--a slow blog is an irrelevant blog. My Internet Radio plays some Adele as I plan my outfit, which I know could be snapped by an aspiring street style blogger and posted to Flikr or Tumblr. I speed-type on the walk to the subway, texting and e-mailing my editors and co-workers to pull together post ideas for the day; "Did you see this new ad campaign? What about the look book that PR company sent us?" I check my Facebook and Instagram apps to see what my friends and fellow fashion folk did last night--who wore what to last night's party is always a great topic and a perfect source of style inspiration-- and see what sale sites are posting for the day. By the time I'm underground, I know who's having a best dressed moment and who needs to change stylists, what new collaborations are happening, and who is covering what magazine. Because it's so early in the morning, most of my news has come from Europe or the U.K. It's not even noon and I've already read several international papers, talked to friends all across the country and responded to Tweets from blog readers around the world! Tell me that's not impressive.

Once on the train, it's time for editorial inspiration. I pull out my tablet to peruse my magazine subscriptions, checking out the latest trends and planning what to buy for fall. I bookmark several pages; this is how I shop these days, since in-store shopping is difficult on a Internet addict's busy schedule. Later, when I'm on a lunch break, I can buy my favorite looks with a tap of a finger on any store's e-commerce app.

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When I get to the office, I plug in my Macbook in and watch the new videos on a designer's interactive e-commerce website, where campaign trailers are posted before the clothes even hit stores. The mid-morning recommendations from my favorite sale sites hit my inbox and I start to plan my Fashion Week wardrobe. Fall is just around the corner but luckily I saw the trends right as they hit the runway, streaming them live from YouTube. Since my favorite searches are saved and ready to go I can pick up that perfect bootie or statement necklace with just a click. Being this "wired-in" means I'll have the coolest styles well in advance, and though staying on top of fashion is no easy feat, I have the help of my Smart Phone, Twitter followers, RSS updates and the constant contact with fashion industry friends to keep up with the chicest of fashionistas. #IntelEMP

**This post is brought to you in partnership with Intel(R) who are all about making our lives better (and faster!) with technology--today and tomorrow. Since we use Intel-Inspired technology every waking moment to bring you the latest fashion news, we appreciate what they're doing..