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Fashionista's New York Fashion Week Survival Guide

We've weathered many fashion weeks at Fashionista, from trudging through snow during AW10 to sunny showroom appointments for Resort 2012. In our trave
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We've weathered many fashion weeks at Fashionista, from trudging through snow during AW10 to sunny showroom appointments for Resort 2012. In our travels, we Fashionista editors and contributors have learned exactly what we need in our satchels to keep us happy, pretty (or at least not too hideous looking), and on time.

Want to see all our secret supplies? From manicure top coats to our favorite caffeinated beverages, find out how we keep it together during NYFW after the jump!

Leah Executive Editor

Advil: Because.

These Cool Hair Ties from Etsy: I'm obsessed with them. They look as good on your wrist as in your hair.

Blackberry Charger: (But dreaming of an iPhone...) UPDATE: My Blackberry officially died so all my dreams have come true! So please excuse my misspelled tweets as I get used to this keyboard. I'll miss you BBM! Tear.

Heels I Can Walk In (from Madewell): Mark my words--they will be broken in by the start of NYFW (or else the end of NYFW for sure.)

Nars Lip Pencil in Dolce Vita

Goldfish: I'm saying this now so I remember to bring snacks and not starve/eat whatever is being passed out for free in the tents, and also because I really like goldfish.

Silk Button Blouse from Aritzia: Because it goes with everything and will still make me look sorta pulled together

Cheryl Features and Beauty Editor

Starbucks Card: Because you can get the three necessities there: coffee, cookies, wi-fi.

Wisps Disposable Mini Toothbrush: Because eating nothing but cookies and coffee all day is disgusting.

B Brian Atwood Pangea Pumps: You need one pair of amazing shoes during fashion week, if only to keep people looking down at your feet so they won't notice the dark circles under your eyes.

If they do look up, I am carrying By Terry Touche Veloutee everywhere, the best undereye concealer ever made.

iPad:My entire life is on that thing. And it gives me something to read on endless subway and taxis journeys all over the city.

Saucony Sneakers: If I don't sneak off for a workout once in a while I will lose my shit. It keeps me sane.

T by Alex Wang T-shirt Dress: This is the most versatile piece of clothing I've ever owned. There are so many ways to style it that you can wear it three days in a row and no one will ever suspect.

Hayley Contributor

Phone Charger: it's absolutely necessary to keep one on your person at all times!

YSL Volupté Sheer Candy Lipstick: I've been living in the mouthwatering berry shade, which is surprisingly ultra-moisturizing

Perfectly-sized Satchel Bag: This one (from J.Crew) will fit all my invites--no-folding required--plus phone, camera and wallet without being so oversized as to be uncomfortable.

Scrunchable Bow Flats in Neutral Color:I can throw them in my purse in case of a footwear emergency (or really, really long subway stair treks).

Kindle: For those Lincoln Center-bound subway trips and in-between-show lulls.

Dhani Assistant Editor

My Phone: It's my calendar, email, and also, like, a phone.

Dry Shampoo: No time to wash hair during fashion week!

Clif Bars: Portable meal.

Neutrogena Oil-Free Makeup Remover Towelettes: No time to wash face during fashion week!

Zico Coconut Water: Sometimes you just need a little extra hydration in the morning.

Moleskine Notebook: For remembering how pretty the clothes are.

Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain: No time to re-apply lipstick during fashion week! (and this stuff stays on forever-ish)

Steff Contributor

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Small Moleskine Notebook: Every year my phone breaks during fashion week and my schedule disappears with it. This year I've jotted down everything from phone numbers to where I'm supposed to be in a tiny Moleskine that fits in my pocket. Vintage Minolta 35mm SLR Camera: Using a 35mm Camera is like carrying around a calming device. No matter how busy you are, you have to take the time to set the F Stop, listen to the cheery click of the shutter, and then take the film to be developed. Plus, I'm not the world's greatest photographer, so getting the prints back is always a bit of a fun surprise.

Banana Republic Giant Tote Bag: All fashion girls on the run need a giant tote, because no matter how you swing it, there's always that one day when you have to carry your laptop everywhere.

Red 15" Cambridge Satchel: Necessary because it's large enough to carry a notebook but small enough that it doesn't weigh you down.

Underground Pointed Toe Creepers: This is my go-to shoe for every occasion. They're comfortable, cool, and allow me to run in case I'm late.

Prada Cat Eye Sunglasses: To help me be more covert when I'm sneaking around backstage.

T by Alexander Wang Dress: I would like to include everything by T by Alexander Wang, but there's only so much space on this slide. I chose this dress because it's the easiest outfit I own. Without any accessories or fussing it looks awesome.

Elana Contributor

Crystal Light Packets: Oddly, I am just not a fan of plain, unflavored water. A dash of this, and those free Fiji bottles suddenly taste like peachy nirvana. This flavor--my current fave--also claims to make your skin glow. The verdict's still out on that one...

Diptyque L'Ombre Dans L'Eau Solid Perfume: Thanks to this chic little compact, I can quickly refresh my signature Bulgarian-rose scent after hours of subway transfers and hoofing it through Chelsea.

CSS - La Liberacion & The Naked and Famous - Passive Me, Aggressive You: NYFW equals tons of transit time, both above and below ground. An adequately-stocked iPod is a must, and I find that upbeat, dance-y tunes keep me from losing steam as the day wears on. These two albums are total winners.

Hermès Business Card Holder: During NYFW, it's all about meeting new people, making the exchange of cards a common practice. My boss from my longtime Teen Vogue internship (Hi, Jane!) gave me a monogrammed Hermès case as a graduation gift--a very thoughtful and useful present!

Altoids: "Curiously strong" is exactly what you need when you're at a 9 a.m. Derek Lam show and were swilling G&Ts at a party until the wee hours the night before. Hypothetically, of course.

Starbucks Gold Card: Every time I swipe this baby, I feel like George Clooney in Up in the Air--if Ryan Bingham had been an overcaffeinated writer in Alex Wang wedges. I'm a two-Venti-per-day kind of girl.

Heartbeats by Lady Gaga Earbuds: Speaking of the need for a stellar soundtrack, these earbuds are the coolest ones around. And I'm not just saying that because I worship the ground on which our Mother Monster walks.

Mickie Contributor/Intern

A Felt Hat: I'm a BIG fan of hats. My favorite is an army green Indiana Jones-style floppy one from a vintage store.

Crazy Heels: I am very short. Without these I could be mistaken for a small child. Plus, I find them more comfortable than flats.

Seche Vite Top Coat: Manicures are for the salaried. I do my own nails, and this stuff will ensure my at-home nail art stays on all week.

Wasabi Peas and Dark Chocolate M&Ms: My bizarre homemade trail mix. Don't knock it 'til you've tried it.

M.A.C. Russian Red Lipstick: This is my go-to look. It's easy and insta-glam and goes well with my red hair.

Obey Wolf Ring: This is my favorite piece of jewelry, my dual good luck charm and spirt animal protector who will guide me safely through the treacherous waters of Lincoln Center.

Misty Contributor

Barbour Little Boys' Beaufort in Green:It's kind of like a suit of armor for any and all devout New Englanders (like myself). No day feels quite safe without it, especially when battling angry crowds at Milk's (excuse me, Made's) lobby space. I like the proportions of the kids' version better than the adult's.

Charles Anastase Shirtdress: Simultaneously structured and tenty, which are good qualities to look for when you need to somehow mask the fact that you haven't slept, eaten, or gone to the restroom in 72 hours. Also anything Charles Anastase is just pixie perfect and fits in well with my 'Ezra Academy after-school program' look.

Bath Oil:After running around for 12+ hours It's just kind of a necessity to take an amazingly scented hot bath.

Postalco reporters' notebook and Papermate Flair Pens: My favorite combination! The notebook's waxed cotton cover makes it champagne-spill-proof (a surprisingly important quality), and the pens are the best for impromptu interviews, somehow enabling you to write at scary-fast speeds.

Ferragamo Bow Flat: Anyone who knows me is all too well aware of my sickening affinity for this shoe, which I own in 5 colors. Yes it's weird, but the heel is perfectly pitched to lengthen the leg, and they're comfortable enough to weather a 5 mile walk (my first pair bears resemblance to worn out running shoes). Oh, also there's a bow.

Hourglass Icon: The perfect shade of brooding berry red that'll tone down the kinder nature of all my pink chiffon and bow-laden clothing. Added plus--it's paraben free!

Matcha: I've found myself in many twitchy situations in seasons past so this time around I'm sticking to a one-cup-of-coffee-per-day rule. Matcha green tea is a great alternative--it's detoxifying and provides that necessary jolt without all the involuntary body movements.

Fawnia Contributor

My iPhone 4 (with my Tumi Tag Case): I use this device for EVERYTHING: email, Tweet, record quotes, take notes, snap pics/video, check the news, and entertain myself with music and apps while in transit. I suppose everything, except actually using it as a phone.

Cross-body Bag: I’m always carrying a bunch of devices and chasing after someone for a quote, so a cross-body bag keeps me nimble. My olive-green saddlebag that I bought from a small boutique in St. Germain served me well last Fashion Week, and, yes, I’m repeating.

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation: This is hands-down the best foundation I’ve ever used. It makes skin look amazing despite the sleep and hydration deprivation suffered during the week.

Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat:This top coat extends a manicure and is handy for touching up chips, which come often for bloggers.

Gym Membership:Even if I only manage to squeeze in one piddly little jog on the treadmill, I’ll still appreciate the chance to burn off the stress (plus nutrition-free food and complimentary champagne consumed.)