Get Inspired: Valley of the Dolls

Mad Men might be getting some competition in the inspiring fashion department. Earlier this week, it was announced that NBC and Lee Daniels (the director of Precious) would be bringing Valley of the Dolls to the small screen. Jacqueline Susann's best-selling novel about three girls trying to make it in the cut-throat world that is New York City show business is a favorite of mine and so was the 1967 film, largely because of the clothes, hair and makeup. The film is full of fashion inspiration (Mulberry even named a bag after one of the main characters, Neely O'Hara) and we hope the forthcoming series is as well. Valley of the Dolls' '60s high-glamour style is something many of us try to emulate and is totally appropriate now, especially because almost the entire film seems to take place in the winter, except when they're in California either overdosing on pills or wandering around a sanitarium. So, click through for our favorite looks from Anne, Neely and Jen, along with some similar options you can buy right now!