Missoni for Target Now Selling for Regular Missoni Prices on eBay: Here are the Five Most Expensive Items Up for Auction

The Missoni for Target collaboration was all about bringing Missoni's iconic high-fashion designs to the masses--and at prices people can actually afford. But with the frenzy around the collection being what it was, some entrepreneurial shoppers thought to buy in bulk--and sell the rest on eBay for extravagantly high prices. In other words, it's the fashion equivalent to scalping tickets. Click through to see what Missoni for Target items are going for on eBay, right now. Some are upwards of $1000--and that's nothing to sniff at, not even for a regular Missoni shopper (an average Missoni dress goes for around $1200)!


Here's the Missoni for Target bike, which originally retailed for $399 at Target. And what's the asking price on eBay? A whopping $1,135. While this one was buy far the priciest, we saw a ton of bikes in the $800 and $900+ region.

Here, a

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These two suitcases, which again retailed for $169.99, are being

What would you pay for a $40 Missoni for Target espresso set?

A Missoni for Target comforter and sham set, which we have to admit is pretty darn stylish, is going for $499.99 on eBay--up $400 from it's original $99 retail price.

But the upside to all of this is that if you were lucky enough to snag an item from the collection, you could be about to make some serious cashish!