Our Guide to the Ten Best Comfy (Yet Stylish) Shoes To Wear During Fashion Week

Fashion Week is here, and we know what you're thinking: It's time to stop by Duane Reade to pick up some extra-strength painkillers to survive my killer-but-actually-killer heels all week long. Not so, sister, not so. Blessedly, this year has ushered in an unprecedented level of support (get it?) for shoes that are actually, gasp!, comfortable. Even fashion industry insiders are ditching their sky-high stilettos and platforms for more practical options--Street style catnip Taylor Tomasi Hill even wore sneaker high-tops last season! So forget hobbling around Lincoln Center--and put a spring in your step with these fashion-industry-approved alternatives to the high heel.

Velvet Loafers


Penny Loafers

The Kitten Heel

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Ballet-inspired Ballet Flats

Mini-Wedges J. Crew Greta Canvas Wedges, $130. Ah, wedges, where would we be without you? Ultra-flattering and easy to walk in, we're sure this season's batch of low wedges will be a staple come Fashion Week.