Rachel Antonoff Spring 2012: Sweetly Spooky

Rachel Antonoff's quirky-cool presentations are always a refreshing respite from the sometimes monotonous drone of Fashion Week--In a week where shows and presentations often follow the same formula, Antonoff's are completely different, unusual and, best of all, pretty fun.

This year, Antonoff took her presentation to darker levels than ever before, looking to unusual sources for inspiration: "It's sort of Minnie-Mouse-meets-Wednesday-Addams," she told us. "But for the set we obviously went more Wednesday Addams." The set, designed by Aux Armes in collaboration with Antonoff, was made to look like the inside of a black and white cartoon, no doubt inspired by the original Addams Family show, complete with spooky tombstones and gothic looking furniture. The models' slightly undone braids, "a modern take on Wednesday," Antonoff said, completed the effect--while pal Tennessee Thomas' tunes made sure the presentation kept a modern flavor.

It was the perfect backdrop for Antonoff's signature sugary sweet style, this time executed in a slew of pretty dresses, from a pale floral number with a peter pan collar to a peak-a-boo lace top, paired with a black skirt.

One of our favorite aspects of the collection was actually the accessories. We were particularly enamored with a pair of color blocked brogues, and a two-tone boater hat--which luckily for us, Antonoff says we'll see more of. "Bass loves Rachel Antonoff Spring 2012 collection is slightly previewed here," she said, "Some of the models' shoes are from this season, but most are from 2012."

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And how about those hats? "The hats are a collaboration I did with Albertus Swanepoel," she said, reassuring us that they will indeed be for sale. Phew.

But after so many successful presentations, we had to ask Antonoff one more question: Will she ever do a runway show? "You know I was actually thinking about doing a show because it's only like 15 minutes, and it seems like it would be so much easier than all of this!" But she added, "For me, a presentation gives me the chance to really let people into the world that exists in my head, the world where the clothes really come from. It's showing people that world, that really makes me love what I do."