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Vice Sent a Reporter to Fashion Week On Acid; Here Are the Funniest Highlights From Her 'Trip'

This year, Vice sent someone to London Fashion Week on acid. Yes, you read that right. Vice convinced their friend Elektra to take a hit of acid and then sent her to the tents and then sat back and let the whole ridiculous, hilarious trip unfold in front of them. The show was Topshop Unique, and the observations were--as you can imagine--choice. Here are some of our favorite parts from poor Elektra's trip:

This year,

This. Girl. I mean, really. We are not even exaggerating when we say that this photo literally made our whole afternoon. If you're thinking this is the person who Vice gave acid're wrong, but your'e forgiven. This is some other show-goer, whom the aforementioned tripper sees outside Topshop Unique and whom Vice describes as "basically acid health care."

Let's just take a moment to notice Elektra's pupils right now. This is after a ten-minute laughing fit, the result of watching a photographer fall down and crush his expensive camera equipment.

A tripped-out take on the sometimes shockingly-skinny runway models? Quoth Elektra, "I also started to get really concerned about the well-being of the models. They were so thin! The one with pink hair in particular [Ed. note: You mean Charlotte Free?]. She was a goner. She had a week left, tops. May she rest in peace."

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And finally, we leave you with this picture of a baby dinosaur:

Elektra's take on the whole experience: "I feel like I've been through so much. And SEEN so much. Good stuff and bad. I feel that, from now on, nobody should ever go to fashion week not on acid. It would be stupid."

And there you have it. Thank you Vice Now we never have to try this out ourselves ! **All photos: Vice