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Beyoncé Wears Clothes You Can Actually Afford (Like American Apparel) in New Video for 'Countdown'

Get More: Beyoncé, Music, More Music Videos First of all, we're obsessed with Beyoncé's new video. The hair, the makeup, the dancing and the song it
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Anyway, the video is stylistically pretty simple, which we love. Though, we can only imagine the difficulties of dressing the pregnant star (speaking of which--is this the first time anyone's been visibly pregnant in their music video?) in 6+ looks. So how did they rise to the challenge of referencing all of these bygone era films while accommodating Bey's growing baby bump?

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According to MTV, the primary colored leotards are Capezio, the cleavage-bearing gown Mugler, the jeweled mini dress Chan Luu and the Flashdance-y ripped tee is Forever 21. American Apparel supplied the oversized button-downs seen above, the striped leotard and short shorts and presumably the Jo Stockton-esque black turtleneck and leggings. American Apparel: if your product is good enough for Beyoncé to wear all over her music video, why can't you get your act together? And also--is a Mugler maternity line next?

Click through for some more screenshots. Which look was your fave?