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First It Was the '90s, are the '00s Next? Early Aughties Fashions That Could Start Popping Up on Runways Soon

If the runways have proven anything these past few years it's that everything--and we mean everything--comes back in style. We've already seen nineties fashions mined pretty hard (grunge, minimalism, overalls), so it's only a matter of time until some of the fashion staples of the early aughties that, shall we say are less than "chic," start cropping up again on the runways. We know it sounds almost too terrible to believe that Ugg boots and Juicy sweatsuits could be in style again, but trust us: This is a reality we must face. So, to get ourselves re-acquainted with these old classics--a preemptive inoculation, you could say--we've rounded up the most likely styles to make a comeback, and how they'll be reinterpreted today.

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Uggs We don't need to tell you how ubiquitous

Sweatsuits Cool versions of the classic sweatpants have been making an appearance for a while now, but that's not what we're talking about here. We're talking full-on matching, straight leg sweats with a zip-up hoodie. Preferably in a bright color and preferably in velour or terry cloth. And not just for hanging around the house in either: We're talking airport, running errands, perhaps a sushi lunch with get the gist. Anyway, it's hard to imagine sweatsuits making a comeback but, again, given their previous popularity it's bound to happen at some point and if the zipper was replaced with buttons, and the colors kept relatively neutral, we could see some designers embracing it.

Flared and Bootcut Jeans It's been six years since these were cool which means that hipsters are right on schedule to start wearing them over the next few years. Ironically of course. We can't really hate on bootcut jeans, but flares...yeah, those could stay away.

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Tube tops Tubes were huge in the early aughties. Not to be confused with strapless styles--tube tops were, quite literally, tubes of fabric that you'd squeeze most of your torso through (Yes, Rose, we're pointing at you). We say only most because it was mandatory that tube tops exposed not only your decolletage but also your navel. (Actually, we're pretty sure it was mandatory that all tops left that strip of skin bare, but anyway...)

Handkerchief Tops Handkerchief tops were essentially triangular tops that you'd tie around your chest to "cover" the essentials. (Anyone else noticing a seriously slutty-top theme going on here?). But we could actually see these coming back...Paired with a maxi skirt and maybe a masculine blazer? Maybe?

Handkerchief Hemlines The less slutty cousin to the handkerchief top, handkerchief hemlines were de rigueur during the aughties. Paired with a chunky sweater though, this one's got potential.

Faux Henna Chokers We actually think these could be cool again if they were done in hot pink or neon.