Exclusive: Create a Beauty Box with 'PS I Made This' DIY Guru Erica Domesek and Maybelline

Being around Erica Domesek from PS I Made This is a heady experience. Even if you think you don't have a creative bone in your body, after 10 minute

Being around Erica Domesek from PS I Made This is a heady experience. Even if you think you don't have a creative bone in your body, after 10 minutes with her you'll want to rip apart your house and start making things out of left-over takeout flatware. We've made everything from purses to fascinators with her--this time around she teamed up with Maybelline to make the beauty box seen above. We chatted with her about inspiration, her favorite beauty products, and a new DIY project with *swoon* nail polish:

What inspired this project? I was inspired by two things for my Maybelline New York Beauty Box: Cosmetic counters & color. 1) On a recent shopping trip to Saks, the beauty countertops caught my eye. I love how department stores display products. Everything has a place, everything looks colorful and clean. I want to be able to have my must-have makeup in front of me everyday, not just when I take a trip to a store. Finding a way to display my go-to cosmetics and creating an easy "grab and go" system has been a challenge... until now!

2)Color! I fell hard core for the fun rainbow of colors in the Baby Lips lip balm collection. The glosses scream to be used in their bright and bold cases. The purple (aka Peach Kiss), colored case inspired the base for the beauty box in the same hue.

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What other things can you use floral foam for? The obvious : Flower arrangements. A great way to display using colored foam and inserting in a modern clear vase. Organize pens, pencils, sharpies, colored pencils for a clean and organized desk display. (PS- Also a cute way to use for a treat presentation like Cake Pops! Just stick in and serve pops to your peeps!) (Ed note: See what I mean?) What are some of your must-have beauty products/spa treatments? I live for "Falsies" mascara from Maybelline New York, Nars Laguna bronzer, Fekkai hairspray, Klorane spray shampoo, Neutrogena makeup remover pads, Yes to Carrots hand creme, and Sally Hansen Nail effects. As for treatments; Chris Lospalutto, my hairstylist [at Sally Hershberger] has gotten me addicted to the Kérastase creme chronologiste treatment which I frequently indulge in. Dying to try reflexology after I stepped on a few studs. Eeeek.

Are there other beauty DIY projects you're working on or would like to try? I live for nail polish! I have a gigantic collection and want to infuse into some upcoming DIY projects. I'm a big fan of repurposing containers and bottles for other purposes and projects. The holiday season is upon us, so I love taking bottles, cleaning out and slicing into napkin rings. Use Mod Podge to decoupage with fashion magazines!