From the Red Carpets of 2001 to the Runways of the Ukraine Today: A Look at Paris Hilton's Unchanging Style

This week Paris Hilton walked the runways...at Ukranian Fashion Week. We'll just let that sink in for a moment. This is the girl who, after all, only a handful of years ago, dominated the glossies and tabloids. She had a hit TV show, a popular single, and a New York Times bestselling book. But this was the early aughties--a heady period of exposed navels (don't forget the rhinestone encrusted belly button studs), juicy couture track suits, fake tans and platinum blonde hair. But while Paris' cohorts spent the past five years growing up and leaving the princessy, party-girl act in the past--Nicole Richie became a designer, Kim Kardashian became a bona fide A-list celeb (whether you like it or not, it's kinda true)--Hilton seems perpetually stuck in the early 2000s, at least when it comes to her style. Between the platinum hair, orange tan, oversized white sunglasses, sweatsuits and itty-bitty lingerie club dresses, Paris' 2011 looks are nearly interchangeable with the fashion that was in a decade ago. Take a look at her non-evolution of style.

This week

2001 So it begins: the debut of her signature short 'n' slutty look at the Maxim Hot 100 party

2003 What would Paris Hilton be without a pink dress? Nothing. The answer is nothing.

2004 This is the pinnacle of her fame--and her look. Sure, it's tacky but this whole look was actually in style at the time.

2005 Here she is sporting her signature oversized white sunglasses. We're not sure these were ever actually in.

2006 By 2006, the plastic Barbie-doll look that Hilton embodied earlier on in the decade had already gone out of style--like way out of style. We guess no one told her though.

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2007 The sweatsuit still going strong for a trip to South Korea years after it was deemed totally not cool.

2008 Yes, this is actually only three years ago. To put things in perspective, this is also the year that

2009 To be clear, this is the year that Agyness Deyn ruled the runways and even uptown ladies were donning Alexander Wang in their best attempt at downtown cool. Paris on the other hand...


Again with the white sunglasses and tacky dress. Seriously, Paris!

2011 Still relevant... at Ukranian Fashion Week.