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Happy Halloween! From Nicole Richie as J.Lo to Michael Kors as a Zombie Mariachi, Here are the Best Celeb Costumes

Since Halloween falls on a Monday this year, a lot of parties were planned for this past weekend. Celebs, fashion people, and various reality TV riff-raff were all out in full force with their costumes blazing. From strippers to princesses, the costumes ran the gamut. Oh, and of course there was Heidi Klum (left) who went as a...medical school cadaver? Anatomy drawing? Flaying victim? Klum told People her costume was called "visible woman" and described it as “kind of like a dead body with the first layer of skin ripped’s basically like me naked.” Click through to see more Halloween costumes.

Since Halloween falls on a Monday this year, a lot of parties were planned for this past weekend. Celebs,

The Today Show: Kathie Lee and Hoda steal the show as Beatrice and Eugenie, but Natalie Morales is an absolutely spot-on doppelganger for Pippa (even her butt).

Heidi Klum: This is how Heidi made her entrance. Take that, Lady Gaga. Kudos to Heidi for upping the Halloween ante. Heidi also

Kim Kardashian: Here's Kim as a pretty good Poison Ivy. We particularly like the smize-like eye appendages.

[/caption]Michael Kors: Here's Michael Kors as a zombie mariachi at Bette Midler's Day of the Dead-themed Halloween party. Can you believe that's really him??[caption id="attachment_180823" align="aligncenter" width="260" caption="Photo: InstyleUK"]

Gwen Stefani: Admit it, this is your dream costume. Full-on, Cinderella. We love.

Terry Richardson as a rabbi (of course), with Olympia Le Tan as, um, all we can see are boobs (I think she's a dom?), and Annabelle Dexter Jones.

Nicole Richie: Nicole apparently confused quite a few paparazzi with her J.Lo costume. Nice fake tan...

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Kelly Osbourne & Joan Rivers: J.Lo was also a popular costume--there's Kelly Osbourne and her version. And Joan Rivers is--wait for it--Suri Cruise.

Lea Michele: Even the Mulleavy sisters would have to agree that she did a pretty damn good swan queen here.

Alessandra Ambrosio: An Angel's take on the swan queen. We're not sure those shoes are good for going en pointe. And there's her daughter Anja, below, thankfully not dressed as a Victoria's Secret angel.

Paris Hilton: She went as She-Ra. We can forgive her a thousand fashion sins for this costume.

[/caption]Narciso Rodriguez: Priest with creepy mask. Creepy. [caption id="attachment_180826" align="alignright" width="260" caption="Photo: InStyle UK"]

Cameron Diaz: The prize for most half-assed costume goes to Cam, who supposedly was a stripper (note the singles tucked into her waistband). We can only hope that costume got more exciting behind closed doors.

Bethenny Frankel: Here she is wearing slutty-meta-Hello Kitty. At least she's not 9.

Snooki: Snooki probably had all the pieces of this costume in her closet already. Also, nice creepy cat-eye contact lenses.