Here's What Some of Our Favorite Designers Are Going As For Halloween

Halloween weekend is finally upon us! We've had Halloween costumes on the brain all week and we're not the only ones. We decided to ask some of our favorite designers what they were planning on dressing up as because we figured that, as fashion designers, they'd have some pretty creative ideas. And we were right. From censored porn stars to an Irish version of Patty from Absolutely Fabulous, click through to find out what 12 of our designer friends told us about their costumes, and, if you care, our own costumes as well!

"I’m going to go to a cabaret party and I’m still not finished. I just started putting it together today. I’m going to find pieces and put it together. It’s a look, it’s going to be a look." --

"Both being foreigners living in New York City and, although being here for a while, we're still always getting lost, so we're dressing up to be the 'ultimate tourists.' We'll head to Beacon's Closet in Brooklyn and look for a mis-match of clothes from floral shirts to over-sized shorts, flip-flops with Birkenstocks. We'll have our big cameras and big map as accessories for the night!" --Jade Harwood and Aurelie Popper of Wool & the Gang

Carly Cushnie and Michelle Ochs from Cushnie et Ochs are going on Saturday as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and to Heidi Klum’s party on Monday as trees. They are making their own costumes.

“This year I’m going to be a magician with the prerequisite top hat and bunny--only the bunny is my boyfriend Jon--who is 6’3.” I plan on spending the evening looking at my top hat with amazement.” --Peter Som

"Sam and his girlfriend are dressing up as 'censored porn stars.' He's getting a nude body suit and will glue on cut pieces of fabric in pixel form to place on certain private areas. Should be interesting."--Jeff Halmos of Shipley & Halmos

"My costume involves being crazy, lots of straps and buckles!"--Richard Chai

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"We have a tradition of dressing up as a family. This year the kids decided on punk pirates. I got an over sized tuxedo shirt from the salvation army, wore a couple of slouchy black leather belts and got an eye patch and a couple of swords from Rubies in Jamaica. To finish off the look I had some black shadow put under my eyes and tucked my pants into my boots. My son and I also got matching mohawks for the day. The kids are already planning what we'll be next year." --Jason Cauchi of Dallin Chase

"One of the highlights of 2011 has been the deep and long lasting new female friendships that I have cultivated over the year. Each of these women is a superheroine to me (all for different reasons. ) In celebration of my gfs I will be dressing as Wonder Woman this year. The quintessential feminist role model, Wonder Woman was on a mission to bring, love, peace and equality to the Amazon. We are all Wonder Women on some level so why not embrace our inner superheroine? Besides, I have all the Paige Novick accessories to back it up;) Happy Halloween everyone!" --Paige Novick

Lela Rose is planning on staying in bed that night (haha) but her kids will be dressed up. Rosey is going as Chiquita Banana and Grey is going as a gangster.

"For Halloween, I am going to be Patsy from Ab Fab....but an Irish version of her! It's totally random, but I am going to basically do Patsy but with red hair and a bottle of Jameson's instead of Stoli. Ab Fab has always been one of my favorite shows, but I wanted to give it a bit of a strange twist. I am not sure if anyone will actually understand who I am supposed to be, and my Irish accent is a little rusty, but what the hell!" --Yara Flinn of

"There's been a lot of early mornings as of late which means I've been watching the heavy rotation of Saved by the Bell on TBS. In honor of that I'm wearing my bff Caroline's insanely cool pepto pink polyblend crinoline lined prom dress and going as Kelly Kapowski, prom queen." --

"I'm going to step into the role of a lady matador, as we women aren't out to kill animals, we're out to win the battle of the sexes. And what better way to be armored for the entertaining male-female interplay than sliding into the sleek and feminine, tight elegance of a torero's suit with a flowy, colorful cape. We'll be costume partying at Timo Weiland's fun fete at Hotel Griffou." --Karolina Zmarlak

Leah's going to be Maru in a box; Cheryl's going to be a zombie (with excellent zombie makeup); Hayley's dressing up as Annie Hall and I'm going to be Haillee Steinfeld's LOVE cover with my friend Taylor, who will be Chloe Moretz. Happy Halloween!!