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Putting the 'Man' in Manicures: Here's a Look at Nail Polish for Guys (Including a Brand Which Promises the Wearer More Sex)

It's not a secret that men are getting into fancy grooming products. Many companies which offer beauty products specifically designed for men have sprouted up, and established brands like Kiehl's have unisex packaging that makes it really popular among girls and boys alike. Guyliner has a long and glorious history among rock'n'roll gods thanks to the likes of Keith Richards and pretty much every band from the 80s. Are MANicures the final frontier in men's grooming?

It's not a secret that men are getting into fancy grooming products. Many companies which offer

A little digging revealed a much darker level of men's nail lacquer, though. Witness: the Alphanail. Alphanail's tagline is: "Designed for men. Worn by warriors," and it helpfully lists reasons you should wear it:

1) There's isn't a number one listed for some reason. 2) Sex (Get More Of It) 3) Swagger (Do It Because You Can) 4) Cover Up (Nobody Likes the Fugly) [This is accompanied by a picture of a man-foot with a slate grey pedi.] 5) Battle (Strength When You Need It) 6) To Rock (Because You Play To Win) 7) Style (Look Good, Feel Good)

It's tailor-made for the Maxim-reading, Axe-wearing (and dare we say...Fox News-watching) guy. Take that, Toemageddon! Alphanail offers matte and metallics, with orange being the most flamboyant color--no sissy pinks here, fellas.

We went back and rounded up some pictures of our favorite manly men wearing nail polish. It seems to be a trend that peaked in 2009, but obviously is attempting a comeback. Click through to ogle them (they obviously all get a lot of sex).

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David Beckham: One of the original metrosexuals, here's Becks wearing pink polish in 2002 to Eliazabeth Hurley's baby christening. He also rocked an editorial with wife Victoria wearing a tasteful oval shape and dark polish.

Prince Harry: In 2009 the royal was snapped running around to clubs wearing pink polish. We don't think he wore anything for the royal wedding, though it could have been a subtle neutral matte.

[/caption]Seal: A repeat nail polisher, 2009 seemed to be the year he went for the manis, too. He sported one while on tour in Sydney and at an awards show with wife Heidi. [caption id="attachment_181067" align="alignright" width="260" caption="Photo: Getty"]

Dave Navarro: The poster child for the man manicure.