10 of the Best (and Weirdest) Vogue Covers From the Past 120 Years

This fall, American Vogue released Vogue: The Covers (Abrams), a hardcover book of over 300 of the magazine's best covers to date (add that to your holiday wish list of new fashion coffee table books). The book spans 120 years (the first issue was in 1892) and Vogue.com recently posted a reduced list of their favorites. We're still waiting for that online archive of every Vogue cover, but for now, it's kind of amazing to see how much Vogue covers have changed over the decades. Compared to today's somewhat formulaic, predictable crops of celebrities, the Condé glossy got pretty creative and even a little weird with their covers back in the day. For example, a 1909 cover inexplicably features nothing more than an illustration of a black and white peacock, while another features a model with a giant pile of flowers atop her head. Click through for our 10 favorites.

This fall, American Vogue released

So much old Hollywood glamour happening here. Love.

Could you imagine if a Vogue cover now just had a picture of hands? And Vogue spelled out in jewels?

...or Vogue spelled out in people wearing funny 1940s bathing suits?

A classic. Who doesn't want to be this woman?

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This is so weird!

What does this insane flower hat have to do with great American clothes?? Love it.

So. pretty.