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Everyday Beauty For Everyday Women: Simple Winter Skin Care Solutions

This post was underwritten by by Dove. We all know skin care is important, but sometimes the enormous selection of beauty products can be a little dau

This post was underwritten by by

We all know skin care is important, but sometimes the enormous selection of beauty products can be a little daunting. And while some expensive creams and serums work wonders, there's something to be said for the simpler things. Home remedies and uncomplicated products have worked for years, and we know some perfect routines to follow for easy, at-home skin soothers this winter.

1. Use a super food Avocados aren't just a tasty and super healthy food; they also have a myriad of beauty benefits. With just one giant avocado, you can improve your skin. Mash one half avocado with a tablespoon of olive oil and slather it on your face. Rinse after 20-30 minutes and revel in how dewy your skin is.

2. Tweak your breakfast That oatmeal with sliced bananas you had for breakfast is also a recipe for a natural, gentle scrub. Mash up a banana with 1/3 cup dry oatmeal and use a portion to gently exfoliate damp skin. Afterwards, dab the remainder on and let it sit for 20 minutes; it acts as a mask and will tighten up your freshly-scrubbed pores.

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3. Don't neglect your limbs Sure, your face gets a lot of attention but that doesn't mean moisturizing isn't just as important for the rest of your body; your skin is your largest organ, after all. Use the steam from a hot shower as an insulation and slather on your body lotion right after. The lotion will trap the natural moisture, working double time. Just because you're covered up for winter doesn't mean your skin goes into hibernation, too.

4. Gentle Body scrubs, loofahs, exfoliators: They're around for a reason. Dead cells build up and can leave your skin looking dull. To get your glow back, grab a basic scrub with beads or naturally exfoliating ingredients and give your body a once-over every now and again. Add a moisurizer and go. (Just don't scrub too hard or too often or you'll end up with red, irritated skin.)