Holiday Gift Guide: 12 Gifts for the Nail Art and Manicure Fanatics In Your Life

Chances are you either a) know someone who is obsessed with nail polish or nail art or b) are yourself obsessed. We understand this, and also understand that there are holiday wish lists to be made and gifts to be purchased. Therefore, we've rounded up the coolest gifts we could find for all the nail freaks in your life. And the best part is that none of these are very expensive in the big scheme of things. So get clicking. Here are our 12 favorite gifts for the nail fanatic.

Chances are you either a) know someone who is obsessed with

Lady Gaga Flame Press-On Nails: OK, so these are $225 press-on nails, but there were only 30 made. They were custom designed by one of Gaga's nail artists, Naomi Yasuda. They're a very Christmas-y red flame design covered with red crystals. There are gold studded and black/white options, too. What could be merrier? (

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Limited Edition Holiday Nail Polish Strips: Be sure to give these to someone (like, yourself maybe?) before the actual holiday so you can enjoy all the festive designs. We are mad for the plaid. (

Nars Kuroko Kabuki Mini Nail Polish Coffret: Another gorgeous offering from

Bundle Monster 20-Piece Nail Art Kit: All you need to add is some color and imagination. If 20 different brushes and dotting tools aren't enough to bring your nail art dream to life, you're dreaming too big. (

Sephora by OPI Glimmer Wonderland Eighteen Piece Mini Nail Colour Set: Eighteen nail polishes. This is enough to keep someone happy for an entire year (they'd only have to repeat colors three times each if they do a weekly mani with each color). (Sephora, $48)

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Migi Nail Art Pens, Set of 3: You get a total of 24 colors in three different sets--a shimmer set, matte set, and neon set. All pens have a conventional polish brush for background color and an "art tip" for making designs. (

THE NEW BLACK Floyd Ombré Nail Shades 5-Piece Set: This set takes all the guess work out of trying to get the ombre look. The New Black has packaged up five different nails shades (in pinks, blues, and black/grey) to allow you to get that perfect ombre without the hassle. Just paint one color on each finger. (

Nailed: The History of Nail Art and Dzine:

Deborah Lippmann Edge of Glory Holographic Nail Lacquer Set: Hurry up and jump on the holographic nail trend before the next new thing comes along. Long time Lady Gaga collaborator put together this set for Barneys Gaga's Workshop. It's a black base color with glittery, shimmery top coat. (

Japonesque Manicure Set: It's not all about polish and glitter. If your nails and cuticles look like crap, so will your manicure. This manicure set includes: tweezers, nail clipper, nail nippers, nail & cuticle scissor, combination nail file, nail grooming tool, and a nail scoop. (

Hello Kitty Nail Art Stickers: From 5-55 everyone loves Hello Kitty, right? If you have a Sanrio lover in your life, these teeny nail stickers are perfect for a stocking stuffer. (Sephora, $5)

Tom Ford's "Bitter Bitch" Nail Lacquer: Forget Chanel. This season's must-have color is Bitter Bitch. Make someone in your life extremely not bitter by wrapping this one up. (Bergdorf Goodman, $30)