Kim Kardashian's Shady Empire: A Look At All the Sketchy Products and Deals the Kardashians Have Backed

Yesterday, we reported that Skechers could pay up to $75 Million for claiming that their Shape-up shoes would "tone" and strengthen legs and butt. It wasn't exactly surprising and turned out to be yet another addition to the list of shady products that Kim Kardashian has tied her name to. Based solely on her business dealings, the girl has a seriously bad habit of lending her name to scams, counterfeits and other dubious business going-ons. Of course, her 72-day marriage and rampant overexposure don't exactly help her case for business integrity. We did some digging and found out that, in total, Kim's name has been attached to at least nine shady business deals over the past couple of years. From lying about sponsored tweets to kopykat issues, click through for a look back at Kim's shadiest endorsements.

Yesterday, we

Skechers Shape-ups The FTC is investigating Skechers for their "Shape-ups" toning shoes. The brand will likely be brought up on false advertising charges for claiming their toning shoes have real physical benefits, when they most likely don't. Kim Kardashian is the star of the Shape-ups campaign, so those of us who thought Shape-ups would give us her toned bottom will likely be disappointed.

Tria Hair-removal company Radiancy is suing Kim Kardashian for making false claims about competitor TRIA's products, which they say are hurting their business. Apparently, Kardashian claimed she used the TRIA product "on [her] entire body" and that “You’ll never need razors or shaving cream again.” Except that, by TRIA's own admission, the product is unsafe for use on the face, head, ears, neck, nipples, or genital area and that the product is meant to be used in conjunction with shaving. Also strange: Kim tweeted last December that she had begun using the TRIA product and was "loving the results so far" just three weeks after becoming a spokesperson for the brand. The only thing is that, again by TRIA's own admission, the product takes at least 90 days for any results.

The Kardashian Credit Card After coming under fire for their pre-paid card's hidden fees and kid-target marketing strategy, the Kardashians decided to terminate the Kardashian Kard only one month after it hit the market.

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Kim came under fire earlier this year when reports surfaced saying she got paid up to $20,000 for sponsored tweets without disclosing the fact that she was getting paid--in violation of the FTC's guidelines. Kim denied the claims that she was paid saying, “Am I not allowed to talk about something I like without people assuming I must have been paid to do it?" It seems unlikely that Kim would tweet the following about Carl's Jr salads, which she starred in a commercial for, just because she felt like it: "The Carl's Jr chicken salads came out yesterday!! I'm on my way to Carl's Jr for lunch now ... have you tried them yet?" Nice try.