Marc Jacobs Is Going to Be in a Movie! So We Recast Him In Some of Our Favorite Flicks

Marc Jacobs recently let slip that he'd been cast in a movie. According to Style.com, the designer said, "The [movie is] filming next week and I’m excited. I get to play a character that’s not myself at all.” While we're beyond excited to find out what Jacobs' will be playing, we can't help but fantasize about all the movies Jacobs could have been cast in, now that he's an actor and all. Here we take the chance to re-imagine some of our favorite classics, with Marc as the leading man.

Marc Jacobs recently let slip that

In Somewhere We're just going to go out on a limb here and say this one could maybe, sorta, actually kind of happen. I mean him and Sofia Coppola are best pals right? And he's perfect for playing

In Rambo He's certainly got the guns (of the muscled arms variety) for this role.

In Lord of the Rings You can't deny there's maybe a slight resemblance...

In Pretty in Pink C'mon Marc Jacobs as Duckie in Pretty in Pink would be the most amazing thing to happen in cinema since...well, ever. Plus, he could really help Molly Ringwald's character Andie Walsh with her prom dress.

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In Braveheart This one was obvious. Hello, he's already got the wardrobe!

In Good Will Hunting We could totally see a (vintage) Jacobs playing Robin Williams' sympathetic (if dowdy) therapist.

In Twilight New Moon Again, Jacobs' totally has the acting chops (and pecks) to pull off buff werewolf Jacob Black in Twilight New Moon. We're not sure how tween girls would feel about this though...

In Cabaret Now here's a role that, if his

In White Chicks While we're making shit up and all, why not a role as the third sidekick in White Chicks? Sure, there was no such character in the original but...Marc Jacobs in drag would really make an excellent addition to the cast!