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The Evolution of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show From 1995 to Now

The annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, which is now in its 16th year, has come a long way since the first one in 1995, which wasn't even broadcast. The 2011 show, which will be filmed tomorrow and air on November 29, promises to be the most extravagant yet with 38 big-name models, three huge musical performances and a $12 million budget. However, did you know that they started out with a budget of only $120,000? That's a fraction of what some of their bras cost these days. Click through to see how the shows transformed from normal girls in a normal fashion show to the celeb-filled over-produced extravaganzas they are now, including a video of the first ever show in 1995!
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The annual

1995-1997: There were cardigans instead of wings in the inaugural Victoria's Secret runway show, which was held at the Plaza hotel. Robes, knee-high boots and sometimes gloves also accessorized the simple bras, panties and negligees that went down the runway on models like Helena Christensen. Claudia Schiffer wore the first million dollar fantasy bra in '96. In '97, there were still no wings, but there was lots of dark red and dramatic silhouettes and Naomi Campbell. These shows took place around Valentine's Day and weren't aired on national television.

1998: A few small wings made their first appearances in 1998 on models like Stephanie Seymour and Tyra Banks--the first look even featured wings attached to gloves that the models had to flap. The show still took place around Valentine's Day and wasn't aired on national television.

1999-2000: Heidi Klum and a wingless Gisele Bundchen made their Victoria's Secret runway debuts in 1999. There were plenty of Angels in their wings and more costume-y elements were added. These shows were webcast, but not aired on national television yet. The 2000 show took place in May instead of February in conjunction with the Cannes Film Festival for a charity to raise money for AIDS. Gisele Bunchen wore a $15 million ruby and diamond encrusted bra and panty set.

2001: This show was held in Bryant Park in November and was broadcast for the first time on ABC. The show was hosted by Rupert Everett and Mary J. Blige performed. Lots of big name (or getting there) models walked including Alessandra Ambrosio, Tyra, Gisele, Adriana Lima, Molly Sims and more.

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2002-2003: Marc Anthony and Beyoncé performed in 2002. The shows became more theatrical with flashy lights and increasingly impractical, showy outfits including huge, elaborate wings.

2004-2005: The 2004 show was cancelled because of a crackdown on "indecency" in broadcasting in the wake of Janet Jackson's and Justin Timberlake's infamous "wardrobe malfunction." Seriously! 2005 was Tyra Banks' farewell show.

2006-2007: These shows were held at the Kodak Theatre in L.A. Justin Timberlake opened the 2006 show, which was the runway debut of PINK. Sadly, it was Gisele Bundchen's final show.

2007: The Spice Girls performed in 2007, as did, who was filling in for this year's performer Kanye West, whose mom had recently passed. Seal also performed and shared the stage with wife Heidi Klum.

2008-2009: In 2008, the show randomly took place in Miami at the Fountainbleu. Usher performed and walked the runway. In 2009, the show came back to where it belongs: NYC at the Lexington Avenue Armory. Leading up to it, there was even a Victoria's Secret Model Search, whose winner got to walk the runway. The Black Eyed Peas performed. Sets became more elaborate.

2010: Last year, Katy Perry and Akon performed. Wings continued to leave traditional "wing" territory and go into the realm of bizarre sculptures that cannot really be explained.