Today just keeps getting better for Hunger Games fanatics. On the heels of the release of the full trailer (which you can watch after the jump), comes this, from Bellasugar: Beauty brand China Glaze is launching an official The Hunger Games nail polish collection. OMFG!

The new collection, which will reportedly be available sometime in February, will feature 12 colors all inspired by the film, including a matte grey (inspired by the coal Katniss' district 12, obvi) and a shimmery gold (inspired by Cinna's gold eyeliner). And with clever names like "Catnip" (Gale's pet name for Katniss), "Baker's Son" (a nod to Peeta) and "Primrose" (after Katniss' sweet sis) the pretty shades will be twice as nice for Hunger Games fans (Fashionista staff included).

UPDATE: Word from PR powers that be is that this collection is NOT confirmed. So we can only cross our fingers and hope that it does happen.

And since we've got a few serious HG fans in the office, we thought we'd also take this chance to post the full trailer for the film below and just kind of freak out over how excited we are for it to hit theaters on March 23. (Elizabeth Banks' hair and makeup as Effie Trinket!? The fire dress!? Lenny Kravitz as Cinna??) And decide on which China Glaze polish we'll be sporting to the premiere.

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Polish photo: Bellasugar