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The Muppets Premieres Tomorrow So We Recast the Movie With the Muppets' Fashion Doppelgangers

Last night we had the pleasure of attending a pre-screening of The Muppets, which officially opens tomorrow (many thanks to Bliss Spa for the mani and movie!) Anyway, it was brilliant. The producers of this flick are obviously big fans of the Muppets, and they've treated their subjects with complete affection, and tossed in a heavy dose of nostalgia (try not to cry during the Piggy/Kermit "Rainbow Connection" duet). The humor is cheesy, but with a clever wink at the audience, and the celeb cameos are inspired. Emily Blunt reprises her The Devil Wears Prada role as the snarky fashion assistant (albeit with wackier hair) to Mlle. Piggy, who is a plus-size editor at Vogue Paris. How controversial. Anyway, we won't spoil the sweet moments of the movie. You should go stand in line and see it first thing tomorrow. The protaganists go through a bit of angst in the middle of the film and sing a song called, "Am I a Man or am I a Muppet?" Why choose? We think there's a little of both in all of us. So, to that end, we present our favorite Muppets and the fashion people who could play them. Or vice versa.
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Last night we had the pleasure of attending a pre-screening of

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Alber Elbaz and Dr. Bunsen Honeydew: Alber is obviously much nicer to his employees than Dr. Honeydew--we're pretty sure Alber has never blown anyone up in the name of fashion.

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Karl Lagerfeld and Sam the Eagle: Both are just so serious all the time, though we're not sure the

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Tom Ford and Link Hogthrob: Link is best known for his role as Miss Piggy's hunky co-star on "Pigs in Space."

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Haider Ackermann and Fozzie Bear: Fozzie is generally much more upbeat, but he seems to be channeling a bit of Ackermann's dark and stormy angst here. Nice hats, though.

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John Galliano and Lew Zealand: Both have an affinity for mustaches and snazzy coats with lots of buttons. That's about where the similarity ends.

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Miss Piggy and Heidi Klum: Both are super sappy around their men, but can be complete bitches divas when you piss them off. They also share a penchant for form-fitting clothes and long, flowing manes.

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Steven Kolb and Kermit the Frog: Steven is the Kermit of the CFDA--calm, in control, and dedicated.

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Christian Siriano and Scooter: Both have a signature mop of hair and that child-like, Peter Pan quality.

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Vivienne Westwood and Beaker: We apologize for this one, but there just aren't that many gingers in fashion. Dame Westwood obviously has much more self-confidence than poor Beaker, too.

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Zac Posen and Gonzo: Both like to dress a bit dandy-ish, and both have had delusions of grandeur that have caused them problems in their respective careers. We're happy that they appear to be going in the right direction now.

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Anna Wintour and Zoot: Signature bobs and wearing sunglasses inappropriately indoors at all times? Check and check.

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Crazy Harry and Olivier Zahm: Olivier wants to blow up the fashion establishment and Crazy Harry wants to blow up everything else.