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Update on Marc Jacobs Heist: How Much They Stole and Who Probably Stole It (MJ is Offering a Reward)

People (including us) were so dumbfounded upon hearing that Marc Jacobs' spring 2012 collection had been stolen in London, some thought it might have been an elaborate publicity stunt or a prank. However, we now know it really happened as there is a real report from the Metropolitan Police in London. According to HuffPo UK, the clothes were stolen "in the Mount Street area" of London near the Marc Jacobs boutique where the label's UK press day was set to take place, presumably out of the courier van parked outside, which had transported the jazz age-inspired collection from Paris.
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People (including us) were so dumbfounded upon hearing that

At least even if none of the collection ends up in magazine editorials, they are getting some press from this!

Who do you think has the collection? What if it was Winona Ryder (seen above in a 2003 MJ ad, which was meant to poke fun at her shoplifting debacle)? A Marc Jacobs sweater was among the items she allegedly stole...

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