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Would You Smear Yogurt All Over Your Face in the Name of Beauty? Now You Can With New Skin Care Line Dairyface

So there's a coffee-based skin care line out there (Barista Bath and Body) and even a bacon fragrance (Bacōn by Fargginay). You can now complete your faux-breakfast skin care regimen with a new line of yogurt-based products called...Dairyface. Dairyface contains all food grade ingredients (including high fat yogurt) and is so fresh that it has to remain refrigerated or it will spoil. When we first read about this skin care line in WWD earlier this week, smearing yogurt all over our faces at first sounded slightly gross, but after thinking about it, maybe it makes sense. Cleopatra supposedly took milk baths, right? We decided to seek out the founder of Dairyface to get the, ahem, scoop.

So there's a coffee-based skin care line out there (

She consulted with cosmetic chemists and a Nobel Prize-winning researcher, and Dairyface was born. Lactic acid, which is found in milk, is an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA); AHA's are common skin care ingredients. To maintain an AHA's stability, you usually need to add a bunch of preservatives, but Dairyface doesn't have any--hence the need for refrigeration. The other piece is the probiotics (which are "good" bacteria) normally found in yogurt. In addition to the good effects they have on your gut flora, they can also supposedly help your face.

The milk for Dairyface is all sourced from cows in upstate New York which are fed a grass-based diet. Our biggest question for Oksana, however, was about the refrigeration and the various hurdles that presents. She admitted that even though they introduced the product with a "beautifully branded cooler," stores were worried about space. Retailers seem to have overcome that hurdle, because Dairyface will be sold at Eataly, Dean & Deluca and Whole Foods, as well as other retailers. And you can buy it online on their website; they'll get it to you within 48 hours. Oksana feels that "in 5 or 8 or 10 years, every respectable brand will be [marketing] fresh skin care like this."

While she wants to branch into body moisturizers and hair care, Dairyface's signature products are the Nourishing Facial Refreshers, which come in five "flavors." Oksana has recipes for over 40 different versions, but she's holding off on expanding too quickly. She also hopes to launch products featuring sour cream, cottage cheese, and whipping cream. The Nourishing Facial Refreshers will come in a two pack (they look like cartons of Greek yogurt) for $19.

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Would you put yogurt all over your face in the name of beauty?