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Exclusive: Daisy Lowe Models With Snakes for Oyster, Says Terry Richardson's 'So Not Like That'

"Once I got there, there was no point in being afraid,” said Daisy Lowe about her Oyster cover shoot in which she had to mingle with live snakes.
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"Once I got there, there was no point in being afraid,” said Daisy Lowe about her Oyster cover shoot in which she had to mingle with live snakes.

Photographed by Will Davidson with creative direction by Stevie Dance, this editorial isn't messing around. Lowe channels bad girl Sixties brides (you know, the kind to wed without pants) and proves that she might just be the sexiest Brit-girl around. (Sorry, Pippa.)

We got a preview of her interview with Zac Bayly in Oyster where she talks about the term "It-Girl" (she hates it), her 2010 Pirelli shoot with Terry Richardson (she loved it), and prancing around in her underwear. (You guess.)

Click though to find out more!

On being labeled an "It Girl":

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"'It Girl — that term’s horrendous!' she exclaims. 'Like, the It Girls in the sixties were cool, but I hate what that word means today. I’m not like Paris Hilton, you know? I’m not keen to get my face into the papers or to be famous for doing nothing. I work hard —I’ve been paying rent and supporting myself since I was 17. I’m not like that at all.'"

On the positive aspects of underwear modeling:

“I’ve always enjoyed dancing around in my underwear, ever since the word ‘go’ when my modelling career started with that work for Agent Provocateur. When it comes to modelling, that’s probably where I’m most comfortable, honestly, because I get to be silly and ridiculous and not worry about messing the clothes up.’”

On working with Terry Richardson on the 2011 Pirelli Calendar:

Terry Richardson is one of the most fun people in the industry,” she says. “When we did the Pirelli Calendar [in 2010], there were eleven of us running around on this island, and me and Rosie [Huntington- Whiteley] got to bunk up. We were really cute. It was really hot, and we got to roll around in this amazing underwear for about a week. There were so many of us that when one of us was shooting, the rest of us just got to hang out and chill and gossip and drink margaritas. OK...So that didn’t reeeally feel like work!” Considering Richardson’s reputation and the scandals that have surrounded his highly-sexualised shoots over the years, I ask for the scoop on what he’s really like to work with. “He’s so not like that,” she says, shaking her head. “Really, he’s so much fun. He just exudes this sexual energy, so he doesn’t need to ask girls to take o their clothes. Honestly, they just do it! He’s got the funniest stories as well, and he’s such a mummy’s boy that he likes women that are really sweet to him. And while we were there, he didn’t sleep — he just took pictures of all of us. I swear that camera’s glued to his hand. He was like, ‘Why would I sleep? I’ve got eleven of you here, and you’re all getting into your underwear for me!’”

So, at least T-Bone is being honest about his love of naked women.

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