Exclusive Interview: Luna the Cat Fashion Blogger Has Her Own Closet, Says She's the Ultimate Style Icon

In case you aren't already one of her loyal followers, we'd like to introduce you to Luna the Fashion Kitty. After becoming a sensation on YouTube and Facebook, as cats are wont to do, Luna snagged a gig blogging for Catster. "Dress Fur Impress" is essentially a personal style blog not unlike the Man Repeller or Fashion Toast, except run by a fluffy Himalayan cat. If you're thinking there is no way a cat could have enough outfits to fill up a blog, you are sorely mistaken. Luna probably has more outfits than many humans and a closet deserving of a Coveteur feature.

In case you aren't already one of her loyal followers, we'd like to introduce you to Luna the Fashion Kitty. After becoming a sensation on YouTube and

How did you end up blogging for Catster? Fur be honest I never though about it, some of the girls at catster were my fans and they interview me, was a super PAWsome and fun interview and Hello?!? They love it so they offer me to have a weekly column.

Where do you get all of your great outfits? Where do you store all of them? I shop pretty much everywhere, from furchild stores to child purrsons departments, I have even shop on Build a Bear shop. I have my own closet; is a normal closet fur purrsons, sigh i wish was bigger fur reals!

How would you describe your personal style? Good question, I do like to have fun with my clothes and I dress depends on my mood you know? Girly, glam, retro, preppy, over the top, classic, etc. I’m pretty much a chameleon! But never EVER a tomboy!

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Do you have any favorite items? What would you say are the cat wardrobe essentials? I don’t have any FAV items because lets be totally sincere here, I look superultracute in anything, anyways I think anyfurchild needs a tutu in their closet, is a must have!

Do other cats ever inspire you? Do you have a style icon? No, others get INSPIRE by me, I’m a trendsetter not a follower, and I’m the ultimate style icon.

Which outfits have garnered the best response from readers? OMG that’s a very hard question, Just fur mention a few: any of my tutus, my polka dot dress with a huge red rose on the neck and my pink bikini.

You get to go out a lot, where are your favorite places to go? I like to go to the Mall, TJMaxx and Nordstrom are very cool because they are furchild furriendly.

It seems unfair that there are more clothes out there for dogs than cats. What's your take? Would you ever want to design your own cat clothing line? Fur generations dogs have dominate the furchild fashion and I think fashion shouldn’t be discriminatory, every time I see a cute dress that say TEAM WOOF, I get sooo annoys! Fur sure I have think on my own clothing line but will be fur everyone, discrimination is not my thing.

What advice would you give to a cat who is afraid to wear clothes or go shopping? I will tell them be your self, we love you anyways! Fashion is not fur everyone and you can always do your shopping online, God Bless Technology!

Do you like modeling? Would you want to do more, like in fashion magazines? Modeling is a second nature fur me, I love it. I see fashion magazines in my future, wearing the furst Jeremy Scott, Prada, Chanel, etc. furchild collections.