From a $145,000 Diamond-Encrusted Reindeer Brooch to a $1,500 Towel, Here are the Silliest Suggestions from Vogue's Gift Guide just put out their annual gift guide. They're calling it the "Perfectly Extravagant" holiday gift guide and Candy Pratts Price's 48 suggestions are definitely extravagant, though we're not sure about the 'perfect' part. The gifts, most of which cost upwards of $1,000, are pretty far out of reach for most people, which we guess is the point ( calls them "wildly extravagant, over-the-top, wish-upon-a-star"), but some of them are just confusing, as are the suggestions for why each impractical fantasy item would make a good gift. From a $145,000 diamond-encrusted reindeer to a $1,500 towel, click through to see some of Vogue's more absurd suggestions. Would you buy any of these items if money was no object?
Original: just put out their annual gift guide. They're calling it the

Creation Galant gold-plated pewter feather trays, $195–$295 Bergdorf Goodman, NYC, 212.753.7300

Obviously you'll be serving straight up truffles. And thank goodness Vogue has found the perfect serving tray! How did anyone serve truffles without one of these gold feather trays?

James de Givenchy for Taffin diamond, baroque spinel, white-meerschaum- and black-rhodium-plated 18k white-gold deer-head brooch, $145,000 James de Givenchy for Taffin, NYC, 212.421.6222 (by appointment only)

We just don't see a Taffin customer wearing a deer-head brooch, hence why this item is for collecting, not wearing.

Chanel Cruise Antibes towel and bag, $1,525 Chanel, NYC, 212.535.5505

Yep, it's a towel that costs more than many people's rents. Really smart.

Fred Leighton Antique platinum Old European–cut diamond filigree chain, $19,500 Fred Leighton, NYC, 212.288.1872

Fred Leighton French platinum diamond and pearl square plaque brooch, $50,000 Fred Leighton, NYC, 212.288.1872

Because it totally makes sense to sit by the pool wearing $69,500 worth of diamonds and pearls. Don't gift this to someone without the $1,525 Chanel towel and bag in case they accidentally get wet.

Cartier desk clock, $2,400 Cartier, NYC, 212.472.6400

It might be nice to wake up every day to a reminder of how rich you (or your friends) are.

Natalia Brilli Vespa scooter helmet, $950, and laptop computer case in crackle leather, $400 For information:

Why is a Vespa scooter helmet different form other helmets? I guess you can't put a price on safety.

McQueen Luxury Toys Sea-Doo 150 Speedster, $54,495 usd at current exchange rates

If you're going to get someone a boat, it might as well be a nice looking one.

Bvlgari Pellegrino, $8 Dean & Deluca, NYC, 212.226.6800

This isn't that expensive compared to other items on this list, but paying extra for water because it has a Bulgari logo on it is hard to understand. Maybe you get a discount by ordering by the case?