Is Lindsay Lohan Finally Getting Her S**t Together? A Look Back at her Sartorial Progress in 2011

Lindsay Lohan spent most of 2011 the same way she spent most of 2010: in and out of courtrooms. Even though she served a few days of jail time and spent three months in Betty Ford last year, she emerged from the rehab center in January with plenty of court hearings ahead of her, and a slew of heavily scrutinized courtroom outfits. Our friends at Above the Law recently offered their take on Lindsay's most memorable courtroom outfits and their subsequent media scrutiny. Although she left her "Fuck you" manicure back in 2010, the legal blog found fault with the short hemlines, form-fitting silhouettes and apparent distaste for bras Lohan flaunted in the beginning of the year. However, as ATL suggests, her lawyers may have given her some advice (that she actually listened to) because her latest courtroom outfit is a far cry from the questionable Basic Instinct number below. We're not sure if it's her supposed sobriety, her sanity is slowly returning or she's starting to learn from her mistakes, but it looks like Lohan's trainwreck days could maybe finally be behind her.

Especially since she seems to have used that money wisely, investing in classic, expensive pieces like the chic, neutral Celine sweater and Prada pants and shoes she wore to a probation progress report hearing Wednesday, during which her judge reportedly told her, "You're doing well and I'd like to see it continue." So would we, judge! So would we.

As 2011 draws to a close, can we finally bid farewell to

While not necessarily the most flattering, this dress was conservative and chic, with just the right amount of glamour.

Pared down and conservative--it may be boring but it's just a court appearance and this is the way she should go if she doesn't want the media to rip her a new one.

She looked great here when she was announced as the

Though her makeup was a disaster here, this sophisticated outfit was a step in the right direction.