Our Top Five Favorite Fashionista Restaurants -- For the Food and the People Watching

This post was underwritten by San Pellegrino. Every real New York City fashionista knows that being in style isn't just about the clothes you wear.

This post was underwritten by San Pellegrino.

Every real New York City fashionista knows that being in style isn't just about the clothes you wear. Sure, that's an extremely large slice of the pie chart that is a fashion devotee's fabulous life, but there are other components, too. These smaller (but just as tasty!) slices of the pie include a can-and-will-do attitude ("I can camp outside of H&M for discount Versace for three days... and I will!"), a supportive and also fashion-savvy social circle (to take turns sleeping as you eagerly await those store doors flying open), and perhaps most delicious of all, a penchant for picking the hottest eatery scenes in New York City to flaunt your well-earned purchases. And what better way to celebrate than a victory meal?

All good little fashionistas know that going out to eat is a fantastic excuse to see and be seen - and you better believe that a little overheard chatter between the fashion elite can turn a quiet dining room into the most in-demand Manhattan joint. Here are some of our favorite hot spots as a guide to getting started on the NYC scene, so you can seem like a natural-born fash brat, even if it's your first trip to La Grande Pomme. A few words of wisdom on dining in style: Drink no more than two glasses of wine, always chew with your mouth closed, and try wearing a statement necklace - It's the best way to get noticed when you're sitting down. Bon appetit! The Smile: This cozy little hole-in-the-wall spot in NoHo is trendy without being annoying, generally packed with celebs, and serves breakfast until it's time for dinner. An expert cheese and wine selection makes this place a must-eat.

Cafe Gitane: This place has some of the best people watching; just sit back and watch the models stroll by. Just don't let their ridiculously long, toned bods make you feel too guilty to eat - this French/Moroccan NoLita eatery's avocado toast and cous cous dishes are too good to miss.

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The Breslin at The Ace: This hip gastropub, located in the Flatiron district's trendy Ace Hotel, is decked out in a butcher themed - complete with gory illustrations and sculptures. But don't let the Olde English decor fool you - this place is strictly for the in-crowd, and the fries- or shall I say, chips- are to die for.

Miss Lily's: The chicest fashion folk hang out at this unassuming Jamaican hot spot - the awning features the word "Luncheonette" approximately 500x larger than its own name. The sexy staff and hip patrons are just the icing on the insanely delish coconut cakes - and we mean delish. Just don't make too much noise--Anna Wintour lives next door and she doesn't like it when you're too loud.

Indochine: Andy Warhol made this Vietnamese restaurant his go-to hand out spot, and it's easy to see why. The iconic wallpaper and tropical decor have been the background for decades of party pictures and photo shoots. It's definitely worth spending some of your 15 minutes at this one, or even more, if the banter's good.