Ten Fashion Questions From 2011 That We Hope Get Answered in 2012

2011 is coming to a close, and some of the most pressing fashion mysteries of the year have yet to be resolved. While we're all looking forward to a year of new collections, It-girl obsessions, and strange sartorial choices, here are some questions from 2011 we'll still want answered after the clock strikes midnight.

2011 is coming to a close, and some of the most pressing fashion mysteries of the year have yet to be resolved. While we're all looking forward to a year of new collections,

Where is Pippa's butt now? The world did a collective double take at Pippa Middleton's pert rear end at the Royal Wedding. The madness has since continued, with reports of women rushing to their plastic surgeons to get that round, perky rear they covet. But now we're beginning to suspect Ms. Middleton's booty might have appeared so prominent due to one Sarah Burton's expert tailoring, since we haven't seen it much since the big day! We thought the girl had a hiney to the heavens, but later photos show that perhaps she's packing a little more lower back than booty. Nevertheless, Pippa's ass is just fine, but can we get Ms. Burton to tailor all our clothes, please and thank you?

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Who will replace John Galliano? Since his dismissal from Dior in March, the house has been on the hunt for a worthy successor. The extended courtship of Marc Jacobs ended in November, and names like Alexander Wang and Riccardo Tisci have been floating about as possibilities. These days, Raf Simons seems to be the favorite, but there are a few people--Franca Sozzani--who think Galliano should be restored to his post once he has completed rehab. Only time will tell, but hopefully 2012 will give us a definite answer. As long as we don't have a repeat of Dior Fall 2011 Couture, we'll be okay!

Did Kanye West really mean for his collection to be so ill-fitting? The New York Times reported that after the runway debut of DW by Kanye West, the rapper (according to the NYT's Eric Wilson) "complained rather bitterly to those assembled that he meant for those sausage-casing dresses, the sagging trousers and the swimming jackets dripping with sparkles and strips of fuzzy bits to fit the way that they did, though everyone else seemed to read them as a failure in tailoring." Is it worse if the bad tailoring was intentional or just a side effect of Yeezy's lack of experience? We're going to go with the former. Either way, Kanye thought it looked fantastic, and at least in his world, his opinion is the only one that matters.

Will Christian Louboutin lose his red sole trademark?: This year, shoe designer Christian Louboutin got into it with the folks Yves Saint Laurent for producing an all-red shoe with a red sole- Louboutin's trademark. While YSL won the case, allowing the house to continue putting red soles on whichever shoes they damn well please, Louboutin is pushing to appeal, so as not to lose the red sole trademark given to him in 2008. We wonder what sort of brand reinvention would have to happen were his trademark revoked. How will we commoners be able to identify ostentatious displays of wealth (or exclusive access to the Loubi sample sale) if we can't see your, to quote rapper Trina, "long heel red bottoms?"

Who stole Marc Jacobs' collections? Poor Marc Jacobs! In November, a few fashion-forward thieves stole pieces from his Spring 2012 collection in London, and days later, some of his work for Louis Vuitton Spring 2012 was burgled. While we've all joked about sneaking backstage after a show and stealing a few looks off the rack (that is, those of us who can fit into sample sizes), this seems a little mean.

Why was Angelea Preston disqualified from the ANTM All-Star Cycle? This year's All-Star cycle of America's Next Top Model did not fail to entertain, but in a surprise twist at the finale, Angelea Preston was disqualified for reasons Tyra and the judges, for some reason, refused to disclose. While some have speculated that Ms. Preston posted Top Model-related spoilers to her personal facebook, no one knows for sure. Hopefully 2012 will give us some answers!

Is this the beginning of the end for the Kardashians? Kim Kardashian's made-for-tv wedding in August was heralded as America's answer to Will and Kate's April nuptials. Media and fans alike gushed over each of her three Vera Wang-designed wedding dresses, crossed their fingers and hoped for best when she and Kris Humphries exchanged "I do"s. But after their (unsurprising) divorce after a whopping 72 days of marriage, it seems the Kardashian backlash is gaining strength. The empire that Kris Jenner built doesn't seem to be letting up in the constant pursuit of overexposure, with all the retail collaborations, design opportunities, and reality show deals (youngest of the brood Kylie and Kendall are in talks to star in their own reality show.) How long until this backlash topples the family into the dire straits of irrelevancy? Only 2012 can tell. But we can all agree that the Kardashian-Jenners might want to consider an extended vacation from the limelight.

Are faux lip tattoos about to get crazy popular?A few short months ago, nobody had really heard about Violent Lips lip tattoos. Now celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Keyshia Cole are spotting checkered and leopard print puckers. Are lip tats about to be 2012's feather extensions? If so, should we just wear them now before they get played out?

Is Carine Roitfeld really launching that magazine? After leaving her post as Editor-in-Chief at Vogue Paris, Carine Roitfeld has been very coy about her future projects. In September, she told Dazed Digital that she is working on a new English language quarterly magazine due out in September. But with all her styling projects, her book release, and her grandchild on the way, we wonder how she even has time to breathe, much less launch a magazine! But, if anyone can do it, it would be Mme. Irreverent, no? There is nothing that would excite us fashion nerds more than a Carine glossy, and we will be impatiently waiting to see what Ms. Roitfeld has to offer in September!

Will the fall 2013 show schedules be resolved?: Can't the world's fashion capitals get along? After New York pushed back their week to September 13, 2012 to avoid conflicts with Labor Day, Milan refused to reschedule, seemingly unconcerned about their shows running through a large chunk of London Fashion Week. After New York agreed to move their dates on the condition that Milan accept that future MBFW dates should start on the second Thursday in September, Milan came back with its own proposal. They would agree to the aforementioned terms as long as New York cut its shows a day short to give London an extra day to show its men's collections. What?

On the brink of New York, Milan, and London finally negotiating a decision allowing every city their full week of shows, Paris, who had been relatively quiet since the hullabloo started, decided they weren't moving their dates. Why you gotta start drama out of nowhere like that, Paris? Mario Boselli, president of the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana thinks “Perhaps the only way out would be for the Americans to reduce their fashion week to seven days, as nine days is too long, and start a couple of days after Labor Day."