1. Did Lindsay need Brad to tell her that she's wearing a bright color with a neutral? Didn't she probably know what colors she was wearing?

2. Doesn't Cleo kind of seem like a better and harder-working and more professional assistant than Brad's actual assistant?

3. Is Andrea Olivieri wearing a gown at this photo shoot?

4. How is a look going to be "aspirational and approachable?" And how is an open cardigan with nothing underneath something that people would actually wear? Just wondering.

5. Does everyone really "have their eyes on" this Canadian actress from Pretty Little Liars? I guess they have a Canadian bond but we're not really buying that "yaaaaaay" from Brad.

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6. Can the whole show just be Brad and Gary talking over each other in deadpan voices and disputing whether or not they should cut on the cutting board?

7. Does Annabet seem like she kinda lives her life by whether it's cold somewhere?

8. How cute is Thomas?

9. Oh no are they at Starworks? What if they run into someone from Team Zoe?!

10. Why do bad things keep happening in this episode? Hopefully Brad and Gary's "butch" Milan trip is more upbeat.