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6 Red Carpet Hair Trends and How to Get Them

We're right smack in the middle of awards season, with the Golden Globes safely behind us. While there are still a lot of big red carpets to look forward to in February--like the Grammys, the Oscars, and the BAFTAs--a few early contenders for strong red carpet hair trends have emerged. And unlike those complicated braids and tortured updos of previous years, a lot of these are looks that regular people can achieve in the comfort of their own homes without needing five stylists at your beck and call. From Rooney Mara to Meryl Streep, click through to see the six hair trends we've spotted so far--plus a few tips for getting the various looks. Will these trends have staying power over the next few red carpets?

We're right smack in the middle of awards season, with the

Side Swiped:

Half-back hair is this season's answer to the

Bombshell Hair:

Forget about fussy, lady-like updos: this hair pretty much says s-e-x. Elle Macpherson and Salma Hayek wore this style to perfection. It's looks high maintenance because, well, it kind of is. Perfect for a short jaunt down the red carpet.

How to get the look: -Hair extensions (Selma had some, according to

Headbands: We already reported this in our

Slick and Sleek (aka "The Leo"):

It's a look that says "don't fuck with me" and if you don't believe me, see: Angelina Jolie and Rooney Mara. (Or with a greyish blue tint, it can sort of make you look like an extra in the Hunger Games, a la Kelly Osbourne.) Either way it tells people that you're in control and won't tolerate a single hair out of place.

How to get the look: -If you want a really sculptured look and some hold (sort of like Evan Rachel Wood's), try a gel like Sebastian's Gel Forte.

-Want a softer sleek look? Try a serum: Aveda's Brilliant Emollient Finishing Gloss and Humectant Pomade are great (and also smell delicious).

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"I Just Rolled Out of Bed and Strolled Over to the Red Carpet" Hair:

It's hard to get a look this effortless, but Elle Fanning and Emma Stone nailed it. (We suspect that Meryl actually was in her garden mere minutes before hitting the Golden Globes, but she's Meryl.) It's the celeb incarnation of the beachy waves that have popped up on countless runways for the last several seasons.

How to get the look: -Two words: texture spray (Bumble & bumble's is the gold standard). And for god's sake, stay away from the paddle brush.

One-of-a-Kind Hair:

These celebs aren't afraid to buck trends and do their own thing. Tilda Swinton: As a person whose short hair looks pretty much the same day in and day out, I have great admiration for all the creative things Tilda does with her chop. Loved this look at the Golden Globes.

Zooey Deschanel: Custom Prada dress and definitely a custom hair style. The volume and those faux side burns are confusing, but at least she's original.

Mark Salling: This Glee-ster embraces his baby mohawk, though it brings to (my) mind a Brazilian "landing strip." On his head. He obviously has the confidence to carry it, though. Or just doesn't care.

Bai Ling: Originally I was going to include her because of those clip-on fringey bangs, but on closer inspection, you can see she's still trying to keep the feather extension trend alive.

Daria Ramirez: You may know her from Entourage and The Sopranos, but now you can know her as someone who isn't afraid to hang a pendant in the middle of her forehead.

Thanks to these types who keep the red carpet interesting and surprising.