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A Look at Baby Harper Beckham's 'Ridiculous' (and Awesome) Wardrobe

It's no secret that Victoria and David Beckham's six-month-old daughter Harper is one of the most well dressed ladies in Hollywood. She's been photographed all around town with her mother in an array of super chic, ultra-feminine outfits. She has expensive taste, as her father can attest--today he admitted her wardrobe is ridiculous--and only wears top-notch labels like Chloé, Bonpoint and Stella McCartney. It makes total sense that Victoria would shower her baby with expensive clothes, as fashion industry parents are wont to do. And while that may not be the most practical way to spend money, we certainly enjoy an occasional dose of Harper street style (who says you need to walk and pose like you have to pee to have street style?). So, we've put together a slideshow of her best looks to date. Prepare to be jealous of a six-month-old.
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It's no secret that Victoria and David Beckham's

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This schoolgirl-esque plaid Bonpoint frock costs $162. And she wore it to the airport.

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This gingham number is effortlessly chic.

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Harper loves a fitted cardigan.

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This is one of our faves. So many chic details: buttons down the back, peter pan collar, matching bow headband. Perfect.

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A floral onesie is a must-have for any six-month-old's wardrobe.

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This is why we love paparazzi. What if this fashion moment had gone undocumented? Mother and daughter are both looking exceptionally chic here. And those vertical stripes really lengthen Harper's figure. And yes, those are Chloé tights. No biggie.

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Matching blouse and bloomers by Stella McCartney. We love that she's not afraid to rock a head-to-toe print.

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That's Eva Longoria holding up little Harper so that the world can see her fab outfit.

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Harper looks like she must be off to play tennis. And if you think she was jealous of her mom's cat dress, just wait until you see the next slide.

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SO AMAZING! Unfortunately, Harper isn't wearing this here, but that's who it's for. Victoria tweeted a photo of this dress, writing "Cutie cat for baby Harper x vb." We hope there's more where this came from.