Babyoncé Is Here! So What Should Baby Blue Ivy Wear?

By now, you've probably heard that everyone's favorite couple, Beyonce and Jay-Z, welcomed baby girl Blue Ivy into the world this Saturday. And while theories abound over where the name Blue Ivy originates from (is Blue a reference to Jay-z's hit album Blueprint? Is Ivy a riff on the couple's favorite number four--IV in Roman numerals?) one thing is for sure: This baby is going to be one well-dressed tot. We already know that Bey and Jay are sparing no expense when it comes to their offspring (the two reportedly spent $1.3 million to rent out the entire fourth floor of the NYC hospital where Beyonce gave birth), so we can only imagine what the pair will spend on little Blue's wardrobe! From a $3600 Hermes blanket to a silver Tiffany brush, read on to find out our blinged out designer picks for Blue Ivy. P.S. Is it bad that we're already jealous of a baby's closet?
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Photo: Getty

By now, you've probably heard that everyone's favorite couple,

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Bugaboo Bee + Missoni Accessory Set, $600. Now the word "bugaboo" will have a whole new meaning for Beyonce.